DragonGoServer Policy

Rules of Conduct

DragonGoServer (DGS) is a place to meet Go friends from all over the world to play and enjoy some good games of Go. We have defined some basic rules to make DGS a friendly and thriving place. A more informal dragon etiquette can be found in the FAQ.

We do not accept:

  • Discriminatory, offensive or abusive speech.
  • Threats or insults directed at other members or admins.
  • Pornographic texts or links to pornographic web sites.
  • Any advertisement which have not been explicitly permitted.
  • Any behavior which is illegal in either Sweden or in your country of residence.

If you do not comply to any of our rules of conduct we reserve the right to take any action we see fit in the particular situation. This can include removing written texts, restricting the usage of features, blocking your access to this site or termination of your account.

Privacy Policy

We will not give away personal information about you (email address, IP address and messages), which resides on DragonGoServer without explicit permission from you unless it is requested by police force.

You are responsible for your actions and information that you put on the site in your bio, forums or in messages to other members.

Effective Date

The DragonGoServer policy takes effect at 14-Dec-2008. We reserve the right to change this policy from time to time. Any changes will be announced in the News forum.

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