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DragonGoServer NEWS -- Release Notes. History of user-visible changes.
Copyright (C) 2001-  Erik Ouchterlony, Jens-Uwe Gaspar

[2018-Nov-01] - DGS 1.20.x (Tournament, Forum, Messaging) New features and Major changes: * Round-Robin-Tournament: * Added formatting for pool-names * Added snake slice-mode for seeding pools * Show pool-winner-ranks & max. simul-games per user on view-pools-page too * Tournaments: * Add tournament creation time on tournament-info page * Allowed tournament-directors with Admin-Edit right to edit tournament- and ladder-properties on more occasions * Avoid session-expire login-check and quota-decrement for tournament-director and admin operations * User info page & game timings: * Removed sleeping time: a DGS day has 24 hours now (not 15h/day any more) * Forum pages: * Added "liking" ((img)-icon) with counter for forum posts on post-view & forum-search page * Added order by likes on forum search * Added private customizable tags on forum posts * Link to show tags management page placed on header & footer bar in forums * Toggle tags with (img)-icon on forum post view (only with JavaScript) * Added search for forum posts with private tags * Added (img)-icon on tags page to search forum posts with specific tag * Quick-Suite: added tag-handler to add/delete tags and toggle "like" on forum posts * NOTE: toggling likes & editing tags on forum posts require enabled JavaScript, though not required for viewing Minor changes: * [GDPR] Replaced all forum support-requests with support-mail-contact to avoid exposing private data ... * for support-help on account activation & changed mail verification * for guest-user forum support-requests * for forgotten & wrong password * for automated forum-post for registering IP-blocked user * Messages & Search messages: * Jump to "current" message on opening message-thread-view with all messages expanded * Added "Quote"-button on replyable messages to <quote> parent message text (only with enabled JavaScript) * Added "Delete"-button on single message-view to move it to Trashcan-folder with one click * Added "Delete marked"-button on message-list to move marked messages to Trashcan-folder with one click * Added "Empty trashcan"-button on message-list of Trashcan-folder * Added navigation, entries count & show-rows-selection for message-list & message-search (if enabled) * Added tree-overview on message-thread page with links to full messages below with texts * Removed toggle to hide texts * Goban Editor: * Create goban by parsing raw SGF-data * Enable more lenient parsing of SGF-data for double SGF-node-properties * Increase max. upload size of SGF to 200KB * Parse letter & stone-number labels from SGF * Parse circle/cross/square/triangle-markup from SGF * FAQ: * Do not decrease quota on viewing & searching FAQ * Game page: * Replace link to remote EidoGo server with dedicated EidoGo player directly on DGS * Added turn-over on skip or submit to next game if end of game-list is reached * Jump to next game after komi-bid on fair-komi negotiation (unless being next to move in started game) * Game info page: * Added link for round-robin-tournaments to tournament-game-pool * Messages page: * Show warning on sending message to user rejecting messages from * Forum: * Added check to prevent use of server-configured offensive terms * Markup tags: * <home #loc>jump to anchor within local page</home> * <game 123#45> | <game 123#S> : link to specific move of current game, but rendering only move text * <move 45> | <move S> : adjusted to be substituted with <game gid#move> markup * SGF Download: * Include player-info by default only for MP-game * Updated countries & flags with changes to ISO-3166-1 till 2013-07-11 * Added: Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba; Curacao; French Southern Territories; Sint Maarten (Dutch part); South Sudan * Removed: Netherlands Antilles * Changed some country names Bug fixes: * Fixed session-expire on POST-requests to prevent losing user-input-data * Fixed parsing compressed list of points on uploaded SGF (for SGF-props AB/AW) * Fixed auto-link detection & markup * Fixed auto-link-markup for href with single quotes (previous char cannot be single quote) * Fixed showing hero% also if user has initial rating status (i.e. not started a rated game) * Fixed rank check on updating tournament pool rank * Fixed showing user-unspecific Templates bottom-link for multi-user-recipients Code improvements: * [PHP Cleanup] Add PHP5 type-hinting for functions * [PHP Cleanup] Fixed various PHP errors & warnings (after PHP5.4 update, by unit tests) * [CSS Cleanup] Fixed CSS errors & warnings & removed CSS for very old browers * [Cleanup] remove old forum '/phorum'-stuff * [Cleanup] cleanup loading of JavaScript libs * [Cleanup] quick-do error-handling Administrative changes: * Changes for Admins: * [GDPR] Add admin script to moderate emails in forum posts * [SECURITY] Remove tool for arbitrary database queries (SQL-injection) * [SECURITY] Remove free SQL query tool for super-admins (SQL-injection) Server config: * Added config-switches: * ENABLE_FORUM_TAGS - enabled * ENABLE_MESSAGE_NAVIGATION - disabled * FORUM_POST_FORBIDDEN_TERMS - regex with offensive terms * EMAIL_SUPPORT - supporter email-address * Removed config-switches: * FORUM_ID_SUPPORT [2014-Oct-29] - DGS 1.19.x (Tournament, Markup, Forum, Games changes) New features and Major changes: * Tournaments in general: * Added counter for new tournaments in main-menu * Added 'new'-indicator in tournaments list page, that vanishes if tournament-info page is visited * shown in red-color new for active tournaments (Register, Pair, Play phase) * shown in grey-color new for inactive tournaments (Setup phase) * Added button below tournament-list-table to mark all new tournaments as read * Tournament Registration page: removed barely used user-message (use private messages instead) * Keep rated-state of tournament-game on * removing tournament-participant by tournament-director or game-end-processing by T-cron * withdrawal from tournament by tournament-participant * annulling (=detaching) tournament-game by tournament-director * setting forfeit-game-result by game-admin or tournament-director * Make tournament-game unrated like normal game, if too few moves or depending on opponents reject-win-on-timeout setting * Extended restrictions of public and private round-robin tournament: 16 -> 3-64 participants, 1 -> 1-8 pools, 1 -> 1-16 rounds * Allowed tournament-directors with special rights to edit tournament-info & tournament-rules on more occasions * Replaced 'RRNG'-restriction with actual restricted rating-range '30k-9d' * Increased max. number of games (18) per participant to allow double-round-robin for private/public tournaments * Added and aligned different icons for running ((img)) and finished ((img)) tournament games * Added last-moved date for tournament-games * Show on pages: view-tournament, view-ladder, view-pools, tournament-registration, list-participants, edit-participant (T-director) * Ladder-Tournament: * Delay withdrawal from ladder till all running tournament games are finished and preventing new challenges * ladder-view: "Challenging on hold" = indicating initiated withdrawal by yourself * ladder-view: "Withdrawal initiated" = challenge not allowed due to initiated withdrawal of other ladder-user * ladder-admin (for tournament-director): added toggle of withdrawal state for ladder-user * Block new incoming challenges for ladder-participant after losing on timeout * Reset on performing own move-action on game in tournament * ladder-view: "Challenge timeout lock" = challenging by other ladder-user not allowed due to timeout-loss * ladder-admin (for tournament-director): added toggle on timeout-loss flag for ladder-user * Added timeout-handling initiating withdrawal on reaching configured limit of penalty points * Penalty points are increased as configured for ladder a loss by timeout * Penalty points are decreased by one point for each move played in tournament games * ladder-view: show own penalty points and limit for auto-withdrawing * tournament-participant-list (for tournament-director): added column with penalty-points * Replaced user-removal with user-withdrawal from ladder-tournament, if user too long absent from server * Removed automatic crowning of king of the hill in ladder properties * Added user-withdrawal on edit-registration-page of user as well * Added column on tournament-ladder-view with theoretical ladder-rank if sorted by user rating * Allow tournament-game annulling by tournament-directors only for ladder-tournament-types * Enabled adding-time for annulled tournament-games, but deletion still not possible * Added original link to former tournament for annulled tournament-games on game-info-page * Show tournament-data on games-list only for non-detached tournament-games * Hide annulled tournament-games from tournament-games-list * Round-Robin-Tournament: * Added manual handicap-type 'Alternate' for balanced color distribution in pool-games * Allow editing of pool-winner-ranks on define-pools-page as well Minor changes: * Markup tags and Images: * <mysecret>text</mysecret> or <m>text</m> : show text only to author during game, show it to opponents only after the game finished, and never show it to observers * <feature id> : showing link to corresponding feature * <bgcolor col> : showing text with background-color * http(s)://URL : create auto-link without using DGS-tagging <...> * Increased width of ID-buttons for game-IDs >= 1.000.000 * Forum: * Added "quote"-link in post near "reply" (also to view the RAW-text of a forum post) * Extended forum-search 'terms'-filter with substring-query if prefixed with '=' * Added contact system-flag to hide forum posts of specific user * Increased max. indent level from 15 to 25 for deep forum-threads * Search messages: * Extended message-search to find all, accepted, declined, pending invitations * User info page: * Added games-count needed to reach next hero-badge-level on own user-info-page and for quick-suite user-info-handler * Added number and ratio of different opponents of user * Added language-setting of user with full encoding * User info page, Users list, Opponents list, Waiting room info page: * Added number of started and finished games with specific opponent * On Opponents list page show table-icon linked to running and finished games only if user has such games with opponent * Excluded opponents from multi-player-games on Opponents list page * User profile: * Added email-notification option to collect notification-entries by last-notified time * Rating graph: * Added option in user-profile to configure to show rating-graph by games, default is to show rating-graph by time * Added option to hide rating line * Added option to show simple moving average N-tap filter with N=2..50 and default with 5% of existing data points * New game: * Added waiting-room restriction to only accept opponents that user never played before * Waiting room: * Added user-online column page showing state of user being online or on vacation * Added column with (img)-icon linked to finished games with opponent * Added column with creation-date of waiting-room entries * Hide user-related columns for view with own waiting-room entries * Game page: * Added option in user-profile to change position of game-move message above or below the game-board * Added button to submit-move & reload page with same game, can be enabled in user-profile * Games: * Added file-pattern-formatting for SGF-download: $M = moves-count, $H0 = handicap (with 0), $T = game-type * Added sort-order for status-games ordered by last moved (newest first) * Added white wood background in user profile for display of game-board * Added remaining time for Black & White user on game-lists-page for all views with started games * Added user-online column on my/user-running-games page showing state of user being online or on vacation * Added start time on game-lists-page for all views * Added tooltips on long column headers on game-lists-page * Changed order of columns on games-page by moving current-rating near user-info * Enforce manual handicap-type for shape-games in waiting-room and for invitations * Time settings restricted: * Japanese byo-yomi: 90 days main-time, 30 days byo-yomi * 200 periods * Canadian byo-yomi: 90 days main-time, 30 days byo-yomi / 200 moves * Fischer time: 90 days main-time, 30 days extra-time * Bulletins: * Allowed editing of specific bulletin-types (tournament-news, private-message, ads) without pending admin-approval * Quick-Suite (alternative interface "quick_do.php"): * Extended game-handler to set standard handicap placement * Extended message-handler to set 'own_started_games' for invitations to support restrictions by bots * Extended message-handler & waiting-room-handler to set 'opp_finished_games' with finished games with opponent * Extended user-handler to return 'hits' and 'moves' on info-command returning number of web-site-access and game-moves * Extended user-handler to return count and ratio of different opponents of a user on info-command * Docs: * People page: * Rearranged sections on people-page to offer support contacts first, contributions last * Added server-specific configurable list for user contributions Bug fixes: * Fixed ignoring detached tournament-games on ladder-view * Fixed tournament-registration preventing re-joining if there are open unprocessed tournament-games * Fixed tournament-registration and rank-converter to accept user with rating > 6d * Fixed error-checks & suggestions to define tournament pool-parameters for tournament-round * Fixed starting all tournament-games for single-pooled round-robin tournament * Fixed missing pool-title if 1st table-column is hidden * Fixed number of found & total tournament-result entries on tournament-info-page * Fixed starting ladder-position for user registering for ladder with rating join-order * Fixed starting two games with same user on ladder-challenges * Fixed SGF-download to correctly include game-notes of players * Fixed statistics graphs using language-specific caching * Fixed to exclude max-rating in a user's rating-range check for waiting-room and tournament-registration * Fixed missing check of waiting-room accept-same-opponent-restriction for total-count of joined games * Fixed missing move-numbering on last-move after user chooses the next move * Fixed showing territory-markers for all users for game on score-status if last move was scoring-step * Fixed showing publish-time of bulletin with weekday and timezone Code improvements: * Improvements of database queries * Messages: optimized search for invitations * Added caching for contacts forum-post hide-list * Replaced nested count-queries with simple GameStats-query Administrative changes: * Changes for Admins: * Added editor for user contributions and admin-link on user-info to manage contributions of user * Added optional target user rating-range for admin-created bulletins * Mark annulled tournament-games in games-list for game-/tournament-/developer-admin * Added consistency scripts to seed and fix GameStats-table * Added admin-option to mark user-account as candidate for deletion * Changes for FAQ-editors: * Show also hidden FAQ/introduction/links-entries in respective page-lists * Added option to show FAQ-entries only to executives & translators * Changes for Translators: * Added checkbox to filter only on original texts collected on previous page-visit * Added search on translate-page for translated text that is the same as the original text * Fixed count on paging translation-entries * Changed server versioning scheme: ARCHITECTURE.MAJOR.MINOR Server config: * Added & Changed config-switches: * ALLOW_QUOTING - enabled with: true [2014-Jul-30] - DGS 1.0.18 (User & Tournament changes) New features and Major changes: * User info page, Users list, Opponents list: * Added 'Hero%' with percentage of games played with weaker players (min. 1k rating-difference) * Award badges of honor to players with larger hero-percentages: * Min. percentage: 38% for Bronze Badge ((img)), 50% for Silver Badge ((img)), 62% for Golden Badge ((img)) * Quick-Suite: Extended user-handler and waitingroom-handler with hero-award-info * Added filter on (rated) win-percentage column 'Win%' (renamed from 'Percentage/Perc.') or 'Rated Win %' on user-info-page * Waiting room: * Added restriction for min. "hero" percentage (ratio of games played with weaker players) * Show hero badges in waiting-room info and list page Minor changes: * Tournaments: * Tournament-info page: * Show count of all entries for Hall of Fame with hint to remaining omitted entries * Changes for tournament-directors: * Round-Robin tournaments: Notify tournament-directors with private bulletin after last game has finished * Added search filters and full page-navigation on browsing tournament-log * Game page: * Changed default of territory-markers for viewing finished game to showing them like in score-mode * Show territory-markers for viewing running games for all users if in score-mode * Added language-code and encoding on translation-statistics page Bug fixes: * Fixed usage of DGS-tags on introduction page and introduction editor-page * Fixed tracking of consecutive wins for ladder-tournament after game annulling in game-end-processing * Fixed skipping rank-numbers after tied rank sub-groups for pool-ranks in round-robin tournaments Administrative changes: * Changes for Translators: * Added case-sensitive search in texts of selected translation-language [2014-Mar-27] - DGS 1.0.17 (Round-Robin-Tournaments) New features and Major changes: * Tournaments: * Tournament types: Round-Robin (new), Ladder (improved) * Added public and private round-robin tournament restricted to 1 round & 1 pool * Tournament-Wizard to create tournaments: * Pooled Round-Robin Tournament without restrictions of 'Dragon'-scope (created by Admin only) * General Changes for Tournaments: * Handle game-annulling (to detach game from tournament) having no further effect on tournament * Tournament List: * Show "Open" tournaments as default * Tournament Info page: * Show TOP-10 of tournament-results * Added link to showing all tournament results * Added Tournament Result List: * Show all tournament results set automatically or by tournament-director * Show my tournament results * Tournament Participants list: * Show "StartRound; NextRound" in Round-column if values are different * Tournament Manager to edit and control tournament * Tournament Results Editor (add & update & delete tournament results) * Tournament Status Editor: * Added warnings that should be resolved but can be ignored by directors * Added finishing tournament * Tournament Game Admin page for tournament-directors to end game: * Added game-annulling (to detach game from tournament without further effect), making game unrated * Added forfeit game (as "bye" in Round-Robin-tournaments), making game unrated * Added no-result game * Added link to tournament-participants-list for current round * Tournament-type specific pages for Pooled Round-Robin Tournament: * Tournament Info page: * Show start-round of tournament-participant in tournament-status-section * Tournament Registration page: * Added restrictions to allow user to start in higher tournament-rounds * Allow additional operations with tournament already started (PLAY-status): * Allow user to withdraw from higher start-rounds, that haven't begun yet * Allow user to accept invitation to higher start-rounds * Tournament Participants Editor: * Allow additional operations with tournament already started (PLAY-status) for start-rounds that haven't begun yet: * Allow director to remove user (=withdrawal) from higher start-rounds * Allow director to add new participant with higher start-round * Tournament Pool view page with crosstables: * Added links on top to view pools of other rounds * Show game-results in colored matrix with tooltips (game won, game lost, game draw, game annulled, game no-result) * Show points calculated from players game-results using the tournaments points-configuration * Use static Tie-Breakers (Points, SODOS) to determine pool-user ranks * Use order by user-rating for users with same pool-rank * Tournament Points Editor with point-configuration-types (Simple, Hahn-like system) and score-example preview * Tournament Round Status Editor (Init, Pool, Pair, Play, Done) * Tournament Round Editor (view round, start next round) * Restricted adding & removing & switching rounds to tournament-admin * Tournament Round Properties Editor for Round-Robin-specific properties * Tournament Round Pool Setup (define pool parameters, add pool, remove pool) * Tournament Round Pool Manager (seed pools, delete pools, add missing registered users) * Tournament Round Pool Editor (edit pools, assign users to pools) * Tournament Round Pairing Editor (pair users and start their tournament games) * Added partial starting of tournament games for selected pools * Added 3-hour expire-check on lock for starting tournament games * Tournament Round Rank Editor (set pool-winners, change pool-user ranks, withdraw player) * Tournament Results Editor (create tournament results from round pool-winners) * Ladder-Tournament: * Tournament Ladder view page: * Added "Consecutive Wins" and "Max. Consecutive Wins" in new table-column '#CW' (counting wins and jigo) * Added tournament-result for max. consecutive wins if configured threshold reached by ladder-user * Renamed 'Challenges'-table-column to 'Challenges-In' with incoming challenges * Added table-column with outgoing challenges, hidden per default * Added link on top to jump near own ladder-position * Renamed "retreating from ladder" to "withdrawing from ladder" * Clarified game-annulling (="detaching" of tournament-games): annulled game is made unrated and continued as "normal" game * Added NO-RESULT as game-end result (synonym is "void") * Set game-end by NO-RESULT by game-admin or a tournament-director * Change no-result-game to unrated if set by game-admin * Show no-result game-result as 'void' as shorter synonym for some pages (SGF-download, quick-suite, score-filter) * Added count of no-result games on opponents-page to differ from Jigo * Games list: * Show no-result in 'Win?'-column with (img)-icon * Added tooltips for icons in 'Win?'-column * Challenge Rematch-Wait in ladder-tournaments will be skipped if game ended with no-result allowing immediate rematch * Added game-score FORFEIT to support a "bye" for Round-Robin-tournaments * Set game-end by FORFEIT by game-admin or a tournament-director * Change forfeit-game to unrated * Show forfeit game-result for game-pages, SGF-download, in score-filter and the quick-suite as: * "B+F" or "B+Forfeit" (Black won by forfeit), "W+F" or "W+Forfeit" (White won by forfeit) * Added count of forfeit games on opponents-page * Handle game ended by forfeit in ladder-tournaments like a timeout Minor changes: * Tournaments: * Game page: Allow adding time for annulled (=detached) tournament-game * Games list: * Added search for annulled-games in TournamentGames-status-filter in tournament-games-list * Added (img)-edit-icons for tournament-directors linked to tournament-game-admin to end tournament-game, but only if game can still be modified * Added tournament title in tooltip on (img)-tournament-icon * Show full tournament-title on page top * Tournament Registration page: added short description of public user-comment and user-message-box * Game page: * Added territory-markers toggle-link for viewing finished game Bug fixes: * Fixed removing of public comments on sending game-move-messages in email to user * Fixed various other bugs Code improvements: * Shared memory caching using APC cache: * Added caching to load tournament-points, tournament-pools, tournament-results * Adjusted site to better support https Administrative changes: * Changes for Tournament-Admins: * Restricted Tournament Round Editor operations (switch round, add round, delete round), only allowed by tournament-admin * Added script to fix Ladder-tournament consecutive-wins * Changes for Game-Admins: * Added ending of game by FORFEIT for Black or White player, game changed to unrated * Allow change of rated-status also for tournament-game * Added link to game-admin on game-page for easier access * Changes for Admins: * Added admin-option to allow tournament-creation for normal user Server config: * Changed config-switches: * ALLOW_TOURNAMENTS - enabled with: LADDER + ROUNDROBIN [2013-Aug-11] - DGS 1.0.16 (Ladder-Tournaments, Game settings, Mail-Activation) New features and Major changes: * User Registration: * Email is mandatory for new user registrations * Send mail with verification-code on user-registration to verify email-address and activate account * Show error for pages that require login, if account not activated yet * Email & notifications: * Added mail-verification on changing email-address * Moved email and notifications onto separate Change email & notifications page * Added list of open mail-verifications with way to re-send and remove them * Changed default for max-handicap from 21 to board-size-dependent calculated max-handicap * Merged simple and expert new-game view into one new-game standard-view, Merged jigo-check setting for fair-komi with adjust-komi setting * Added handicap- and komi-adjustments for invitations to support default max-handicap * Tournaments: * Tournament types: Ladder * Tournament scopes: Dragon, Public, Private * Tournament status: Admin, New, Register, Pair, Play, Finished, Delete * Tournament-Wizard to create tournaments: * Ladder Tournament without restrictions of 'Dragon'-scope (created by Admin only) * Ladder Tournament with restrictions of 'Public'-scope * Ladder Tournament with restrictions of 'Private'-scope (invite-only registration) * Tournament List with different views: * Show registration restrictions for users * "My tournaments"-view with ID-button linked to view tournaments you are participating * "Directoring tournaments"-view with ID-button linked to manage your tournaments * Tournament Info page to show all important information of a tournament * description, news, status, (preliminary) standings, rules, registration, games, results * Tournament News page * Tournament Directors page showing tournament-owner and tournament-directors * Adjusted Games page to show only tournament-specific games * Added tournament game status, only showing active non-finished tournament-games as default * Added game-role for Ladder-tournament: Challenger or Defender * Tournament Log page to track tournament-actions performed by admins, owner, directors, cron and users * Tournament Manager to edit and control tournament * Tournament Editor to change tournament start-time, title, description * Tournament News Editor to add, edit, delete tournament-news * Private news = only shown to tournament-participants * Hidden news = only visible to tournament-directors * Tournament News Bulletin Editor to add & edit tournament-bulletin * Tournament Director Editor, Tournament Director can be allowed special admin-rights: * End tournament-game prematurely, shown on game-info page * Add time to players of tournament-game * Tournament Locks Editor to edit tournament-locks: * Admin-Lock = maintenance-mode for tournament-admins * Register-Lock = prohibits user tournament-registration * TDWork-Lock = maintenance-mode for tournament-directors * Cron-Lock = exclusive lock for cron-based modifications on tournaments * Close-Lock = preparation for transition to finish tournament * Tournament Status Editor to change tournament status with preconditional checks * Tournament Properties Editor for registration restrictions on tournament and players * Tournament Rules Editor for tournament-games-setting * Tournament Registration for user to register to tournament: * Apply: User can apply to tournament (needs confirmation by tournament-director) * Register: User can directly register to tournament * Invite: User can be invited by tournament director (needs confirmation by invited user) * Tournament Participants Editor to edit user registrations * Added Tournament invitation on users, opponents and contacts page for tournament-directors * Tournament-type specific pages for Ladder-Tournament: * Tournament Ladder Properties Editor for ladder-specific properties * Challenge range (absolute, relative, rating) * Challenge rematch wait-time * Max. Defenses, Max. Challenges * Challenger-role at game-start or game-end * Game-end handling * Long user-absence handling * Rank-History period-length [in months] * Crown-King * Tournament Ladder view page showing current ladder standings * Added pop-up with rank-change information for each user (if JavaScript enabled) * Tournament Ladder admin-interface to prepare and edit ladder and crown king * Tournament Ladder challenge page to confirm challenge starting tournament game * Show probable game-settings for challenge * Show if user is on vacation * Tournament user notifications: * Defender will be notified about game challenge * User and opponents with running games will be notified about user-removal from tournament * Crown "King of the Hill" for ladder-tournaments as tournament-result * Added current ladder-rank on game-info page for running tournament-game * General Changes for Tournaments: * Added Tournaments-link into main-menu (access-key [t]) * Added view of games for specific tournament on games-list pages * Added number of finished, won and lost tournament-games for tournament-participants * Added creation of Bulletins by Tournament Directors for Tournament News on tournament-management pages * Delete-Game and Add-Time forbidden for Tournament game * Show tournament info for tournament-game (incl. show if detached game) on game and game-info page * Added column for all game-lists with icon linked to Tournament-games ((img)) * Added "My tournaments" bottom-menu-link on status page * Added handling of shape-games for tournaments * Added restriction on max. running/started for tournament-registration Show warning or error if about to exceed limit on starting new games * Markup tags and Images: * <tourney id> : showing link to corresponding tournament page * <move 123> | <move S> : showing link to specific move of current game (can only be used on game-page), will be replaced with corresponding <game>-tag * Game settings: * Added Ruleset option for * Japanese rules (default) using territory scoring, default komi 6.5 * Chinese rules using area scoring, default komi 7.5 * Game page: * Show player to move (marked by (img)) * Show hint about area-scoring before passing to avoid odd dame * User info & Game info page: * Added new page to preview rating-changes between two players Minor changes: * Multi-Player-Game: * Added deletion of multi-player-game on SETUP-status, only by game-master * Added (img)-icon for users on vacation in "User online"-column (represented by (img)-icon) for pages * Quick-Suite (alternative interface "quick_do.php"): * Added message-handler to * retrieve list of messages with nested user-/folder-objects, including game-settings for invitation * Added bulletin-handler to * retrieve single bulletin * Game info page: * Added black- and white players last-access and last-move date * Game SGF Download: * Added URL-arg 'filefmt' to specify different download-filenames * Added tournament-info for tournament-game * New game and Invitation: * Show disabled form-inputs for calculated handicap-type and rated-game for players without rating with note about reason * Allow voting on features also if user finished unrated games * Show combined web-site and quick-suite last-access as 'Last access' on user-info and game-lists, user-info page still shows difference to last quick-suite access * Show another users night-time on User info page for own time-zone, show users local night-time as tooltip * Added tooltips for main-menu entries * Added server-version in bottom-bar * Added translation statistics with count of translated texts for each language Bug fixes: * Fixed handling of default-profile and search of current filter-values * Fixed showing of weekend-clock icon for games with running weekend-clock * Fixed default folder-moving on replying of normal message in Reply-folder * Fixed quick-game-handler properly checking agree-parameter on first players scoring Code improvements: * Shared memory caching using APC or file-based cache: * Added caching to load tournament, tournament directors, tournament-ladder-props, tournament-properties, tournament-rules, tournament-round, tournament-news, tournament-participant-list & -count, tournament-results, tournament-games, tournament-ladder * Improvements of database queries * Messages: faster search for new & replied messages for status-page * PHP4 to PHP5 code cleanup Administrative changes: * Changes for Translators: * Added full page-navigation * Added selection to search only for translated texts * Changes for Admins: * Added TOURNAMENT_ADMIN-role to fix problems with tournaments, show indicator in top-bar as reminder * Added admin-option DENY_TOURNEY_CREATE to forbid user to create new tournaments * Added admin-option DENY_TOURNEY_REGISTER to forbid user to register to new tournaments * Added tournament consistency script * Extended player consistency script for multi-player-games Server config: * Added config-switches: * ALLOW_TOURNAMENTS - enabled with: LADDER (ROUNDROBIN disabled) * ALLOW_TOURNAMENTS_CREATE_BY_USER - disabled * Added restriction on max. running games for tournament-registration (150) * ALLOWED_RULESETS - enabled with: JAPANESE (default) + CHINESE * SEND_ACTIVATION_MAIL - enabled [2012-Jun-08] - DGS 1.0.15 (Game types & settings, Users, Forum, Voting) New features and Major changes: * Multi-player game: * Team-Go (N:M) = two teams of 1..N,M players taking a match * Zen-Go (N) = one group of players alternating colors * player-rating required, player can join game only once, max. 16 players * Added game-players-page to setup and manage multi-player-game * Added invitation-reservation of single player, that can be deleted, approved or rejected * Added game-offers in waiting-room for multi-player-game * Added removal of joined game-player * Show games to setup on status- and quick-status-page (MPG-type) * Use game-players average rating per team stored as Start/End-rating for Black/White-player * Deleting running game is forbidden for multi-player-game * Ask other players for consent by sending bulk-message to: * Ask all game-players to start game * Ask other team-members if resignation is acceptable * Added link to create multi-player-game bulletin * Bulletins: * Added Bulletins for global announcements shown on Bulletins page * Categories: Maintenance, Admin Announcement, Tournament Announcement, Tournament News, Feature Info, Private Announcement, Advertisement * Recipients (Target-Type): All users, User list, Tournament Participants, Tournament Directors, Players of multi-player-game * Added config in user-profile to skip informal bulletin categories * Added link to Bulletins in main-menu * Added bulletin-counter in main-menu with link to Unread Bulletins * Added preferences in user-profile for showing general bulletin categories * Added expire-time handling for bulletins (optional for admin-bulletins) * Added Bulletin-Editor to edit admin-created user-bulletins and to create bulletins by * Players of multi-player-game for game-related message on game-players-page * Game page: * Delete game on opponents turn (within first 10 moves) * Resign game on opponents turn * Added new game info page (marked by (img) on game-related-pages) * Added new page to attach SGF to running and finished games (for reviews) * allowed are one SGF per game and user * Preview game message (access-key [w]=Preview) * Show last-move capture in left info-box and mark ((img)) on board * enable with option "Mark Last Move Capture" in user-profile * useful as ko-indicator (if last-capture is exactly one stone) * Show scoring information in scoring step and for finished games * Show and notify if there are hidden game comments ((img)) for a finished game * Improved print-view of game-page by hiding more elements * Show hint to close all boundaries before passing * Show multi-player-game info * Allow observe-toggling of own game * Game info page (new): * Added rematch for new game with same settings as invitation (Rematch) or waiting-room (Copy new game) * Access to initial invitation message for game * Show link to game- and game-info page of corresponding double-game * Show all game parameters, e.g. Start time and Weekend clock * Show some info on players: * Off-time: Vacation, Night time, Weekend * Start and End rating * Show full time info of game for each player: * Full remaining time including extra-time * Clock status (stopped/running) with reason why * Show fair-komi info with komi-bids, color-choice, player's turn * Game settings: * General: * Changed default for Time settings to: Fischer time with 30d + 1d * Changed default for Standard Handicap Placement to: ON * Waiting room: * Moved adding of a new game offer for the waiting room to a separate page: Added New game page into main-menu (access-key [n]) * Limited waiting-room entries a user can offer: max. 4 entries * Show number of already started games with opponent * Show probable game-settings for challenger with color, handicap and komi * Simplified filter for "suitable" waiting games, added notes * Put own waiting games into new view "My waiting games" * Additionally show "(FH)" (=free handicap) in Settings-column, if standard-placement is not used * Differ 'Even game' and 'Handicap game' for handicap-type NIGIRI in offer-info * Removed reply-box when joining waiting-room-game (greetings have to be on first move now) * Enhanced notify about joined waiting-room game with list of started game(s) * New Game: * Added simple, expert, fair-komi and multi-player view-mode for different game-settings: * Simple view: rudimentary game-settings * Expert view: advanced game-settings like adjust-handicap/komi & more restrictions for waiting-room * Fair-Komi view: game-settings to start game with fair-komi-negotiation * Multi-player view: game-settings to start multi-player-game of game-type Team-Go & Zen-Go * Added Fair-Komi options in Fair-Komi view: * added Auction-Komi with open komi-bidding: * game is started by one player accepting opponents last komi-bid * higher bidder gets Black, komi-bid are given in turn * added Auction-Komi with secret komi-bidding: * game is started after both players gave one komi-bid * higher bidder gets Black, or Nigiri on equal bids * added Divide & Choose with: * one player chooses komi, the opponent chooses the color * Options: "You choose Komi, I choose Color" and "I choose Komi, You choose Color" * Not supported for multi-player-games or tournaments * Added adjustment and min/max-limitation of handicap stones * Added adjustment of komi by value and jigo mode (allow or reject Jigo) * Added (optional) minimum number of rated finished games * Added MANUAL-game with fix color WHITE and BLACK in waitingroom, Moved 'Even game with Nigiri' and 'Double game' into MANUAL-game option * Added optional waiting-room restriction to avoid same opponent joining too many games: Challenger has to wait some days, can be restricted by number of games per game-offer, or restricted on total number of started games with same opponent * Show input-errors instead of throwing error "destroying" all other inputs * Invitation: * Show number of already started games with opponent on receiving invitation & dispute * Show probable color / handicap / komi for conventional & proper handicap-type on Preview * Show differences in disputed game-settings between players * Reduced size of message text boxes for invitations * Show input-errors instead of throwing error "destroying" all other inputs, highlight error-fields * Added Fair-Komi options like for new-game * Game-invitations older than 6 months are deleted by the server * Templates: * Added page to show template-list and manage saving of templates for sending message ((img)), invitation ((img)), new-game ((img)) * Forward user-id for loading template of send-message and invitation * Templates restrictions: max. 30 templates, max. 10kB text, unique name per user * Templates for new-game can be opened in all new-game views * Templates for invite & new-game can also be opened for the other type (except multi-player-game view) * Games lists: * Added "Notes" column on My-Games list showing leading part of private game notes (deactivated by default) * Show all observed games with own search-profile and column set, Show number of observing users ("#Observers"-column) and Show if my games are observed ("Mine"-column) * Added columns with start-rating, end-rating and rating-diff of opponents counterpart-user for user-running and user-finished view * Added columns with remaining-time of myself and opponent for my running games. * Warn about short remaining-times with colored background (red <3d, yellow <7d) on status-games and my running games * Added column for all game-lists with: * icon linked to game-info page ((img)) with showing thumbnail of game on mouse-hovering * icon linked to shape-info for shape-game ((img)) * Added searchable column with indicator if there are hidden game comments for my finished games * Show fair-komi info on game-type for all game-lists (games-list, status, RSS/WAP/Quick-status) * Show Weekendclock for all view-modes * User info: * Show a users timezone, local time and night start * Show icon for Vacation ((img)) and Night time ((img)) * Show own setting for "reject win on timeout" * Show last quick-suite access * Added link to "games lost by timeout" * Added user picture on user-info page * Added page to edit user picture (limited size) and supported image-types: GIF, JPEG, PNG * Show icon ((img)) if user has a picture on pages: users, opponents, contacts * Show user-info page in two columns (less game- and more-game-related info) * Mark Dragon executives with admin-icon ((img)) * Show running & setup multi-player-games for myself * Added link to games-list-page showing all my multi-player-games * Messages: * Show count of NEW messages in main-menu with link to show them if there are some * Messages in NEW- and REPLY-folder can now be moved too when no reply is needed * Show folders above message-list always with links to allow refresh * Added option to stay in source folder after moving messages, also for single-message view * Added new page with message-thread for a message, Show or hide all message-texts within message-thread, Destroyed messages are shown too (as folder '---') * Show linked icon to message-thread ((img)) for single message and on pages with message-lists * Show linked icon to initial message in thread ((img)) on reply message * Send Message: * Added support for multi-receiver bulk-message (only for initial message), restricted to players of multi-player-game and admins (developer/forum/game) * Show errors without leaving message-page * Show reject-message/invitation of recipient on Preview * Added checks for missing subject & missing receiver * Changed default for empty subject: ??? -> (no subject) * Searching capabilities: * Added Search on FAQ * Added customizable search-profile for most pages with table-filters: * users, opponents, waiting room, search messages, contacts, feature-votes * observers of a game, my/all observed games * all/my/other finished and running games * Added absolute timeunit-choice for most date-filters * Navigation: * Added Introduction page into main-menu * Added Site-map page into main-menu * Renamed FAQ-page to Help / FAQ in main-menu, changed access-key from [q] to [h] * Rearranged Forums and Docs in main-menu * Added System Bookmarks in top Dragon bar * Rearranged sections on people-page to offer helpful contacts first * Status page: * Show number of games to move in page-title (browser-tab) * Reduced user info on status page, but show if on vacation * Show first three unread bulletins as "Message of the Day" * NEW and REPLY message folders can be hidden -> change on edit folders page * Added column on status games with icon ((img)) for users being "online", i.e. last access time within 10 mins ago * Added constrained order for status games on: * Last moved (default) * Number of Moves * Priority (edit on game-info page) * Remaining Time * Added column with: * icon linked to game-info page ((img)) with showing thumbnail of game on mouse-hovering * Added "Notes" column on games list with leading part of private game notes (deactivated by default) * Show my multi-player-games in setup-mode * Forum pages reworked: * Show if there are NEW posts in main-menu, forum-list and thread-list * Show forum-options near forum-title on thread-list and thread-posts-view page * Added read-only forum-option * Added read-only threads for admin executives * Changed time range for outdated forum posts from 4 to 12 weeks * Removed separation of old and more recent NEW posts * Forum search: * Added count of total found entries of search * Added search for hidden messages for forum-moderators * Forum list: * Indication for NEW posts in forum list * Added thread count column * Added link on date to view last post * Added author of last post (with show/hide toggle in header line) * Thread list: * Added hits column showing activity in a thread * Added refresh link in forum-bars to reload thread list * Added 'Mark all read'-link to mark all posts in thread as read * Added link on date to view last post * Added author of last post (with show/hide toggle in header line) * Added max rows selectbox to control number of shown threads * Removed link on subject and NEW-text to first new thread into thread posts view * Thread posts view: * Force reply: User has to choose which post to reply on except for one-post threads, Added "Add reply" link at end of thread view to reply to initial thread-post * Added optional tree-like overview of all posts with * subjects (truncated if too long), author and last changed date * own posts in dark-blue and bold font * linked NEW markers for unread posts * approved state of own hidden posts: H=hidden, M=needs-moderation * show/hide toggle in header lines * Added optional flat-views ordered old-first or new-first * Added navigation links on every post to * page top ((img)) and page bottom ((img)), * previous post ((img)), next post ((img)) and first answer of post ((img)), * previous parent post ((img)) and next parent post ((img)) * Added post-number * Fixed viewing of "missing" new posts while replying * Added Refresh-link in forum-bars to reload thread posts view * Added thread hits in header line * Added short-version of rating for post-author * Mark Dragon executives with admin-icon ((img)) * Voting on features including feature status management * Show feature votes, added as Vote-link in main-menu * Show count of NEW features (on VOTE-status) in main-menu with link to vote on them * Added bulk-operation for setting neutral vote * Surveys: * Added Surveys that users can vote on with types (Points, Sum, Single-choice, Multiple-choice) * Added link to Surveys on forums-page * Show survey-result for closed surveys, or after user voted on survey * Shapes: * Added shape-games starting with an arbitrary board setup of size, stones and color to play first * Show note-icon ((img)) on shape-list-page with notes as tooltip if available * Show views of 'All shapes' and 'My shapes' for shape-list, default is showing only public shapes * Added Shape Editor to manage shapes for shape-games, Create and edit board with Goban Editor * Added Shape Viewer showing comparison of loaded shape-id and/or shape-pattern used in shape-game * Added handling of shape-games for invite, dispute, new-game, waiting-room, multi-player-game, game-lists, game-page, quick-suite, SGF-download * Start invitation or new shape-game from view-shape-page * Shape-games imply game-settings: board-size, free handicap placement, unrated game * Add Black pass-move, if no handicap used and White starts first * Added filter-selection for shape-games on game-type-column for games-list and in waiting-room * Show shape-icon for shape-games linked to view-shape-page ((img)) * Goban Editor: * Created basic editor to create goban used for * Go-diagrams with <igoban SL1>-tag * Board of shape-games (create & edit) * Create goban of certain board-size (width x height), by parsing game-snapshot, loaded by game-id and move-number, loaded by shape-id, loaded from SGF-file (max. size 30KB) * Added switching of stone colors * Added flattening of stones removing all markup for shape-game board * Markup tags and Images: * <igoban SL1> : Added go-diagram using syntax from Sensei's Library (=SL1) * Allow go-diagram with <igoban>-tag in FAQ & forums, private messages, game-move messages * Show raw-format for <igoban>-tag by adding URL-arg 'raw=1' on pages with go-diagrams * Syntax for SL1-format: How Diagrams Work (on Sensei's Library) * Show board, markup, board-title, board-text (right side or below) * Show links on board-markup, SL-links, extended by DGS-links "[1|dgs:docs.php]", open in new window * Additions & Exceptions of SL1-syntax: * Extended syntax by territory-markers: A ((img)), V ((img)), ~ ((img)), = ((img)) * Extended syntax by territory-images in text: TA TV T~ T= * Lines can start with white-spaces, line-prefix '$$' can be omitted * Auto-set hoshi-points if there are perpendicular edges and no manually set hoshi-markers * Easier coordinate-usage using "++" "+-" "-+" * Links of "#anchor" refer to DGS local page * Not-supported are arrows and lines "{AR|LN ...}" and some irregular boards with edge-magic * Not-supported are '*' and '?' * Use player-settings for stone-size, wood-color, boards smooth-edge * <http://url.net |link text> : enhanced link markup with optional text, <_http://url.net ...> : allow external link opening in new window Link text must not contain a single quote "'" -> use "&apos;" instead * <strike>text</strike> : strike out text * <survey id> : showing link to survey with status & title * <home_ page>DGS-page</home> : enhanced home-link to allow external link with '_'-tag suffix (e.g. <home_ quick_status.php>Quick-Status</home> * <game gid[,move]> : Added game-type and changed format for move-number * <game gid,S> : extended <game>-tag with move=S to jump to board-setup of shape-game * <hr> : showing separation-line like HTML <hr>-tag, to be used in messages/games * Added markup-images without board-lines: square ((img)), triangle ((img)), circle ((img)), cross ((img)) * Fixed letter-iamges "l(a-z).gif" for board-markup: ((img) ... (img)) Minor changes: * Games: * Added option in user-profile to configure to reject game-win by timeout * Added restriction on max. running/started games per player * Show warning or error if about to exceed limit on starting new games * Enhanced remaining-time format with extra-time-info * Games list: * Adjusted page title and bottom menu links * Adjusted hint-text of colors-image for other users * Replaced "Show my observed games" -> "Games I'm observing" * Game-notifications (changed for multi-player-game): * Added references to all game-players in game-end-message * Added player, that deleted game in game-deletion-message * Game page: * Show icons when player in off-time: Vacation ((img)), Night time ((img)), Weekend ((img)) * Replaced 'OnVacation'-text by vacation-icon * Show SGF-move-number near view-moves list * Added link to external HTML-based <http://eidogo.com| EidoGo Game Analysis Tool> (marked by (img) on game-page) * Changed "move"-selectbox (view-moves list) containing only a subset of moves now fixing possible bug on large boards * Mark handicap-setup in view-moves list * Added access keys [x]='Next Game', [w]=Preview * Show 'Comments' near right side of View-move button * Increased size of game-message text box * Game SGF Download: * Adjusted general comments to add game rated info and players start/end rating * Added application-info AP[DGS:version] * Added source-info SO[DGS-game URL] * Added DGS-specific SGF-property XM[move_id] to support game-quick-suite * Added game-type and player-info for multi-player-game in general comments and on each node * Included private game notes in last game-node * Included PASS-moves * Used 3rd PASS-move as scoring node for better RESUME-handling * Removed node-text for pass/scoring-steps (viewer-problems) * Enhanced URL-arg 'owned_comments' with value 'N' to just omit all comments or notes * Added URL-arg 'no_cache' to disable cache * Added URL-arg 'inline' to directly open SGF in assigned browser-application * Added URL-arg 'bulk' using different filename for bulk-download (for admin) * Added URL-arg 'mpg' for multi-player-game to disable showing player-name in all nodes * Quick-Suite (new alternative interface "quick_do.php") for robots and other DGS-clients: * see 'specs/quick_suite.txt' on DGS source repository for full specs * Added remaining quota in every response * Added standard option 'fields' to restrict field-output * Added standard option 'limit' and 'off' to paginate lists * Added game-handler to * retrieve information about game, with nested user-objects * retrieve and update own private notes of game, hide & show notes * retrieve list of games with views: status, my/user running, my/user finished, observing, all observed; including filter for MPG * play game (set-handicap stones, move, pass) * score game * delete game * Added user-handler to * retrieve public information about given user or logged-in user * Added message-handler to * retrieve information about private message, with nested user-/folder-objects, including game-settings for invitation * send message, reply to message * change message-folder * delete message * accept invitation, decline invitation * Added folder-handler to * retrieve information about message-folders * Added contact-handler to * retrieve list of own contacts * Added waitingroom-handler to * retrieve list of all or only suitable waiting-room game1 * retrieve information about waiting-room game * delete own waiting-room game * join waiting-room game * Added bulletin-handler to * retrieve list of unread bulletins * mark bulletins as read * Quick Status (new version): * Added progressive block-specific caching with invalidation * Removed non-login mode, login per cookie or userid/passwd-URL-args is mandatory now * Added URL-args: * 'no_cache' to disable caching * 'version' to allow smooth client-migration, version=2 (new format) * 'order' to sort games, or disable sorting * Changed format of quick-status: * Removed unnecessary spaces and quotes * Changed date-format using same as quick-suite to include seconds * Changed data-sections: * Added section with unread bulletins with IDs to view them * Enhanced Games-section: * Enhanced remaining-time with extra-time-info * Added columns to support new game-quick-suite with move-id, game-status * Added column with next game-action for setting handicap-stones and fair-komi-negotiation * Added column with handicap-stones so bot knows how many to set * Added column for tournament-games with tournament-id * Added shape-id for shape-games * Added column to allow client more sorting options: game-priority, opponents last-access * Use same next-game-order as configured on status-page, can be overwritten with URL-arg 'order' * Added section with multi-player-games on SETUP-status and if they are ready to start like on status-page * Enhanced Messages-section, showing also messages from REPLY-folder * Added commented header-line with format for different data-sections: Bulletins, Messages, Games, Multi-Player-Games * DEPRECATED-Warning: Version 1 is deprecated and will be removed in some future releases * RSS status: * Added minimum request-interval check returning error on excessive usage * Added links to all unread bulletins * Added game-type for status-game * Added built-date * Use same next-game-order as configured on status-page * Use translated texts * WAP status: * Added minimum request-interval check returning error on excessive usage * Added built-date * Use same next-game-order as configured on status-page * Users: * Added user-type: * Admin can mark user as Professional ((img)), Teacher ((img)) and Robot ((img)) * Can be searched on users and opponents page * Shown in user info, waiting room, on users and opponents page * Show icon ((img)) for users being "online" (i.e. last access time within 10 mins ago) on pages Users, Opponents and Contacts * Added register-date of players (also on opponents-page) * Used button-image for ID-column for users and opponents page * Show ELO-value of DGS-rating as hover-text over user-rating if linked to rating-graph * Show players absolute position in the user-list ordered by rating * Opponents page: * Added column ((img)) with link to games with current opponent for finished or running games * Highlighted sum-rows and sum-columns on single opponent-info * User Profile: * Added move-numbering options: Relative and Reverse numbering * Added no-button option to disable ID-button-graphics * Added JavaScript management in profile setting * Changed order, grouping and description of hover-options * Enlarged length of field 'Open for matches' to 60 chars * Aliased timezone 'China/Beijing' and 'China/Shanghai' with 'Asia/Shanghai' * Rating change: * Added separate "Change rating & rank page" to set rank & rating with rank-converter even if user has established rating * Added rank conversions: KGS, DGS-rating, OGS, OGS-rating, FICGS, Tygem, WBaduk * Adjusted rank conversions oriented on http://senseis.xmp.net/?RankWorldwideComparison for: Euro-rank, Euro-rating, AGA, AGA-rating, China, Korea * Removed rank conversion: NNGS-rank, NNGS-rating * Login page: * Show special main-menu for users not logged in and new users * Show basic supporting pages even if not logged in * Disabled cache for login-page * Jump to login if user is not logged-in for web-site pages * Registration pages: * Preserve entered input-data on check-errors for normal and IP-blocked registration (former behaviour was that entered data was lost on check-error) * Show ALL check-errors for entered registration-data instead of only one * Ask for optional email to register new user (recommended) * FAQ: * Added link for copying on FAQ-entries * Added single view for FAQ-entry * Filters: * Replaced Filter-Reset with selection to clear, reset, load/save search-profiles * Changed access keys for filter-search: [e]=Search (, [z]=Reset ) * Added warning-message for stopwords-warning of mysql-match-search (mainly for forum-search) * Added tooltips for submit buttons * Table Lists: * Can show row-number, e.g. on users page * Added full page-navigation (experimental) with pages- & entries-info for pages (if enabled): Status games, Waiting room, Users, Contacts, Opponents, Games, Observed games, Votes, Features * Changed some default sort-directions * Used clearer header names * Docs: * Added page with DGS Rank Converter, no login required * Added link to Statistics page on Docs and Site-map page * Updated Site-map page * Added table of contents for News page * Added gosensations.com + DGS web-stats, corrected outdated links on Links page * Removed todo-list: moved content to DGS-Wishlist on Sensei's Library * People page: * Added section with all Dragon executives * Added other credits * Updates flags according to ISO-3166 country-codes list and some more: * Show page even if not logged in * Added flags for: Aaland Islands, American Samoa, Anguilla, Aruba, Bermuda, British Indian Ocean Territory, Cayman Islands, Christmas Island, Cocos Islands, Cook Islands, European Union, Falkland Islands, Faroe Islands, French Guinea, French Polynesia, Gibraltar, Greenland, Guadeloupe, Guam, Guernsey, Isle of Man, Jersey, Martinique, Mayotte, Montserrat, Netherlands Antilles, New Caledonia, Niue, Norfolk Island, Northern Mariana Islands, Pitcairn, Reunion, Saint Barthelemy, Saint Helena, Saint Martin, Saint Pierre and Miquelon, South Georgia and Sandwich Islands, Tokelau, Turks and Caicos Islands, Virgin Islands (British), Virgin Islands (US), Wallis and Futuna, Western Sahara * Fixed country-codes: TP (East Timor) -> TL (Timor Leste), EO (Esperanto) -> XO, IA (Interlingua) -> XI, MJ (Montenegro) -> ME, __ (Earth) -> XE * Added flags for DGS-languages that are no countries (if missing): Basque, Catalan, Esperanto, Interlingua, Lingua Franca Nova * Fixed names: Antigua and Barbuda, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brunei Darussalam, Kazakhstan, Macao, Palestinian Territory * More use of CSS Bug fixes: * fixed activation toggle for filters: Contacts countries, Games score * fixed filters: hidden columns are now be added on-the-fly if required for search, so static columns Rated & Won on games-lists are no longer static; added table-columns stay added till user removes them * fixed problems with favicon picture * fixed duplicated row problem for Add-Time feature * fixed default bug on selectbox filters * fixed sorting by last-access or last-move on opponents page * fixed showing of game comments for PASS-, SCORE- and RESIGN-move on SGF-download * fixed appending of game comments on SGF-download for running games * fixed forum by preserving entered forum-message on missing subject and/or text * fixed default games order of quick-status (show last-moved game first) * fixed double HTML-escaping of texts on contact-edit * fixed "missing" new posts while replying (forum-read data corrected) * fixed missing game-reference for accepted & declined invitation-messages * fixed notification-only-mails by adding user-handle as account-id * fixed forum search order by modification-date Code improvements: * Shared memory caching using APC or file-based cache: * Added caching to load ConfigPages, ConfigBoard, Clocks, game observers, private game notes, user_reference, main game- and moves statistics, message folders, tables search profile, game moves, game move messages, game-list & message-list & bulletins on status-page, game-info on game-page, forums-list, forum-names * Improvements of database queries * Users: faster Activity handling and Vacation handling * Game: faster skip-to-next-game * Game comments: faster query * Bio: faster bio entries * Messages: faster date-search, destroyed messages * Posts: faster search for author * Game moves: fixed index * Optimized all tables in regard to data-type and indexes * Corrected and removed unused table-fields * Introduction of a cache management for some pages and graphics * Optimized translations * Code cleanup * Hide some sensible server infos * Provide old forum page 'phorum/post.php' to avoid redirections Administrative changes: * Added Donation page (deactivated when target reached) * Added meaningful content to let web-crawlers index static informative DGS pages * Statistics page: * Added statistic view with user countries also showing all existing flags * Restrict the 'loadavg'-stats to admins view * Added 'Activity' curve in the graph (activated in the URL) * Output Erroglog-ID on error as [ERRLOG 123] with error-code for easier debugging and error-location * Changed handling of some URL-arguments to reduce risk of SQL-injections * On game-page modified URI '&toggleobserve=' behaviour to avoid toggling on page refresh * Changes for Forum moderators: * Allow add/edit/preview of post in moderator mode and non-moderator mode alike * Allow writing posts in read-only forums * Show approved state of hidden posts in thread overview and forum-search result * Added option on forum search page to allow searching for hidden posts independent from moderator state * Added search for all/own shown/hidden/pending-approval messages * Do not reject message or invitation from forum-moderator even if user has set contact system-flag * Enhanced Forumlog: * Added current approved status (S=shown, H=hidden, M=needs-moderation) * Added all moderator-actions and new-threads for searching * Added indexes to allow better searches * Changes for Translators: * Added Preview for translations * Added min. length search on original texts * Added comments to clarify the translation process * Added last-change date for texts and translations * Changed access-key of Translate-link from [t] to [l] * Added the 'N'=Native pseudo-language to browser settings section * Displaying the group-names * Changes for FAQ-editors: * Simplified entry-overview by adding view to: * Show only categories, Expand all categories, Expand only one category * Added editor "Admin Introduction" for Introduction page * Added editor "Admin Links" for links page * Changes for Admins: * Added GAME_ADMIN-role to change game-settings * Added FEATURE_ADMIN-role to manage features to vote on * Added SURVEY_ADMIN-role to manage surveys to vote on * Removed ADMIN_ADD_ADMIN-role and merged with SUPERADMIN-role * Removed ADMIN_TIME admin-level, page-creation-time shown for all users now * Do not reject message or invitation from ADMIN_DEVELOPER even if user has set contact system-flag * Admins (developer/forum/game) can send multi-receiver bulk-message * Developer-admin is implicit admin for surveys, FAQ, forum * Added admin-game-page to administrate game (incl. multi-player-game): * Finish game by setting game-result, Change game rated-status, Delete running & finished game * Notify players about game-end and game-deletion * Setting game-result-flag for the game * Added admin-rating-page to change user-rating directly and/or resetting confidence-interval * Show former rating-changes of user * Adjusted rating-recalculation-script to process admin-rating-changes * Added admin-bulletin-page * to create & edit admin bulletins * to create bulletin for user, which can then be edited by normal user * to approve / reject / edit bulletins edited by normal user * Added admin-feature-page to create & admin features * Added admin-survey-page to create & admin surveys * Added admin-cache-page to manage dgs-caching (APC/file-cache) * Added hourly-cron to cleanup expired cache-entries * Added admin-link "Admin game" on game-info-page to admin-game-page * Added admin-link "Admin user" on user-info page to admin-user-page * Added admin-link right to user-rating on user-info-page to admin-rating-page * Added page to show rating-calculations for finished and running game with admin-link on game-info-page * Added monitor on concurrent script-run of halfhourly-cron-script with sending admin-mail on problem * Added Adminlog entries for admin user changes, login-denied and if admin-level too low for script execution * Added user-ID and original request for better debugging in Errorlog * Added filters for showing Errorlog * Added indexes on Errorlog to improve searching for problems * Don't write Errorlog if not needed, e.g. for some GUI-errors * Added table IpStats to identify users with too many requests of alternative interfaces (enable on demand) * Added admin-option DENY_FEATURE_VOTE to forbid user to vote on features * Added admin-option DENY_SURVEY_VOTE to forbid user to vote on surveys * Added admin-options DENY_FORUM_NO_POST/MOD_POST to replace MayPostOnForum, shown on administrated-users page * Admin-option DENY_HIDE_BIO and DENY_EDIT_BIO also denies user-pictures * Added page with list of important admin-scripts on admin page * Added admin-script for bulk SGF-downloads * Added admin-script for game-info export * Added script to print CPU & Memory Info of server * Added email-check for password-admins with privacy policy note * Added forum consistency script * Added consistency script for features and surveys * Added consistency script to fix game-thumbnails * Added script to clear sub-directories in datastore-folder * Added scripts to analyse webserver-logs * Removed translations from the admin pages * Different CSS-layout for most admin-actions & admin-links Server config: * Changed local configuration using config template file * Changed all config in server config using constants * Moved configuration into server config: * Definition of all access keys * Forum NEW config * Added config-switches: * ALLOW_FEATURE_VOTE - enabled * ALLOW_JAVASCRIPT - enabled * ALLOW_QUICK_DO - enabled * ALLOW_SQL_CALC_ROWS - enabled * ALLOW_SURVEY_VOTE - enabled * ALLOW_GO_DIAGRAMS - disabled (needs JavaScript) * ALLOW_QUOTING - disabled * DGS_CACHE - enabled * ENABLE_DONATIONS - disabled * Added restriction on max. running games per player (200) * Default password encryption (SHA1 now) * Added database-connect retry * Added suffix-length of private notes for games-lists * Added maintenance-users * Added config AUTO_COMMENT_UID for public-comment input-help for DGS-sensei-account [2008-Dec-14] - DGS 1.0.14 (Policy, Blocking, Admin features) Policy changes: * Added Dragon Go Server policy Minor changes: * Quota: * Restricted RSS-status with minimum request interval * Reduced user access quota to 500 * Show warning at page top if quota runs low * Show quota in bottombar if logged in * Forum pages: * Show note for guest-user on reply-textbox about writing posts * Contacts: * Added option to hide waiting-room games of certain user * Increased size of bio and message text boxes * Show page created time for everyone in bottom bar * People page: * Changed main FAQ editor * Added list of forum moderators * Quick-Play Suite: * Added optional 'message'-argument to provide move-message Code improvements: * Optimized some database queries and added indexes: * Speed up full game list by default restriction on Last move Bug fixes: * fixed score-filter in finished games list * fixed bug (ambiguous column) with sorting my finished games by the Rated column * fixed Fischer-time capping: no cap for move when time has been added during game exceeding starting main-time * fixed wrong clock setting after vacation is finished for games with clock not running on weekends * fixed format of game-id in mail-notifications Administrative changes: * Changes for FAQ-editors and Translators: * Show last update date for FAQ-editor on people page * Added blocking features: * Deny bio-edit, hide bio, deny login and more * Added config and validation script to block IPs * Throw error on blocked IP on registration and login as guest * Show message in user-info if bio is hidden or login denied * Changes for Admins: * Added admin page to edit user attributes and admin options * Added admin page with list of administrated users * Added forum log * Added hidden forums * Added forum groups and corresponding user admin options * Added admin pages to show FAQ-, forum-, error- and admin-log * Added Adminlog entries for admin user changes, login and login-denied * Added Forumlog entry for changes in forums and posts * Restricted access to Forum management [2007-Oct-07] - DGS 1.0.13 (CSS, Searching, Contacts, Add time) New features and Major changes: * Use CSS throughout the site * Searching capabilities * Added search in waiting room, messages, users, games * Improved search in forum, added ordering * Highlight search terms within some texts for messages, forum posts, contact notes * Contact list of other users: * Protect games in waiting room, Reject messages or Reject invitations * User categorization * Private notes on user * key shortcut 'c' to Contacts list * Games: * Show observers of a running game * Add time for opponent on game page * Added hover-text on colors column for my running games * Viewing move with auto-select on combobox (need JavaScript) * Show game-id and current move-number in page-title * Waiting room: * added country of player, minor changes and fixes * changed some columns: renamed Handicap to Type, added Handicap * User info: * Order of bio infos can be changed, Used wider textarea-field for input * Changed percent calculus to take jigo into account for rated games * Changed links to show rated / won / lost games in games list * On vacation shows days and hours left * Rating graph can now be displayed by time or by number of games * Users: * show my opponents and game statistics for two players, link on userinfo and users page * Table lists (waiting room, messages, users, opponents, games): * Added user profile setting "Table max rows" to control how many rows are shown in table lists per default. Can temporarily be changed on respective pages. * Added arrows in table headers indicating sort direction of columns (1st sort = dark blue arrow, 2nd sort = light blue arrow) * Use own set of texts for table headers to allow shorter translated texts * Markup tags * Added <image source> : show image from Dragon webserver in images-dir. Use <image board/source> : show Dragon board-images (link to dir '/17'). Meant to be used for FAQ. * <home page>DGS-page</home> : show link to DGS-page without baseURL in new window Minor changes: * Narrowed bottom links centered on each page * Links opening in a new window are showed olive-colored * Provided links to user and message on messages page like on search messages page * Forum pages: * Forum threads: Added link to return to first 'new' * Forum search: Added selection for number of hits to show (not using saved TableMaxRows) * Forum posts: Subject shown as link for easier copy&paste of a post-reference * Cleanup of links, site-map page * Updated flags: Lesotho, removed obsolete 'Serbia and Montenegro (Yugoslavia)' * Added rating histogram on statistics page Bug fixes: * fixed problems downloading SGF for some browsers (namely PDA devices): (replaced header 'Content-Disposition' from 'inline' to 'attachment', so download now always open dialog) * fixed user-id handling for SGF-download & login to behave case-INsensitive * fixed hover option with move numbering: don't display numbers on stones * fixed display of japanese byoyomi when byoyomi reached * fixed tag <user =userid> * fixed edit vacation bug * fixed bad running games count for some users * fixed 'double game' handicap option in waitingroom * fixed paging of table lists to preserve form values * fixed search term score (relevance) for forum when using expert mode * fixed bug for forum moderator losing edited text when toggling moderator-mode * fixed missing borders in forum thread-view for preview of new thread * predefined english bio categories can be used in other languages * prevent to rename standard folders * removed first newline after some layout tags in messages * various other bugfixes Code improvements: * Optimized some database queries and added indexes: * Speed up searching * Speed up game selection: games list, skip to next game, status page * Speed up following messages chain * Speed up user selection: experimental index on users Lastaccess * Better error handling * Improved consistency checks Administrative changes: * Replaced license: GPLv2 to Affero GPLv3 (19-Nov-2007) * Added this news page with Release notes * Solved problems with frozen clocks (placed real cron on remote server) * Changes for FAQ-editors and Translators: * Moved 'Translate' into bottom bar, visible for translators only * Improvements described on respective page in "instructions" * Use '&language=N' URL-argument to disable any translation on page (can be set in user profile using 'Native texts'-language) * Use '&language=browsercode' URL-argument to show page in specific language * Better handling of translations * Reject some registrations of account usurpers * Introduced quota system to block users flooding DGS with requests. Needed because there were incidents on which DGS IT-provider complaigned about using too much resources. Keep a "normal" access profile and you won't be blocked. If access quota is exceeded, the user is informed about it and is blocked for a day. * Changes for Admins: * Added check for a users clock in respective user info page * Can overwrite current new password and create new [2006-Aug-07] - DGS 1.0.12 (New forum, Invitations, Game notes, Markup) New features and Major changes: * New forum system: * Editable posts, Previewing, Moderation * Search page * Indication for new posts * Waiting room, Invitations: * Standard handicap placement for various board sizes * Show only suitable games (having a rating and match rating range) * Switch between all and suitable games with page bottom links * Show probable handicap calculus in the game info table * User info: * Added numer of rated games, won rated and lost rated games. Rated games = Won + Lost + Jigo. Finished games = Rated + Unrated finished games. Added links to game list using sort to show respective type at top. Show also in users list. * Changed Percentage calculus to depend on rated games * Rating graph: Added line with "number of games" * Bio: added categories 'Native Language' and 'Language Competence' * Messages: * Message preview * Message chain: walking to previous and next message (use envelope images with arrows to navigate) * Added "Toggle all mark" feature * Enhanced folders display * Markup tags for forum posts and messages: * <game gid[,move]> : show link to game * <user uid> or <user =userid> : show link to user info * <send uid> or <send =userid> : show link to send a message to user * <home page>DGS-page</home> : show link to DGS-page without baseURL (e.g. <home users.php>User list</home>) * <color col>text</color> : change color for text: 'col' can be name (like red, green) or #rrggbb (hex code: #c07f43) * <tt>text</tt> : format single-line in a fixed-width font * <pre>text</pre> : format multi-line text with fixed-width font (useful for diagrams) * <code>text</code> : text may contain HTML chars (useful code fragments) * Added private game notes: Configure in user profile and show/hide on game page. Don't forget to save note before leaving the game page. * Game page (new design): * Replaced ugly "green table" with smaller select box to view a move * New look for game info box * Show player on vacation in game info box * Added more stone sizes (5, 7, 9, 11) to better support handheld devices * Added stones numbering, configure in user profile * Show all game comments in separate window ("Comments" link) * Added page bottom link to "Download SGF with all comments" * Status page: * Added game columns: your color, rated, time remaining * Games list: * Save different column-sets for my/all running, my/all finished, observed games * Added score for finished games * Added weekend clock for own running games * Added your color for own finished games * Added two colored stones for own running games ("your color in the game" over "color to play") * Added access keys for * Main-menu items * Some form buttons * Page bottom links (1-9) * Provided alternative interfaces: * Robots interface: quick_status & quick_play suite * WAP status page : http://<dragonURL>/wap/status.php * RSS status feed : http://<dragonURL>/rss/status.php * Pages should be W3C compliant now Minor changes: * Cleanup of links page, todo list, snapshot and more * Added row highlight feature (needing JavaScript): Double-click (not on a link) on a table row to trigger it. * Reversing a page to english by adding URL-part '&language=en'. Useful for translators or after an erroneously language selection. * Various other code improvements and bug fixes Bug fixes: * fixed disappearance of sgf file before your viewer could open it * fixed melted bio order when deleting an item * fixed duplicated moves bug * Known behaviour about "Duplicated messages" and "Duplicated posts": Problems with these happen when user clicks the submit button twice or more times. If you hit it a second time, the post has been sent a second time. Administrative changes: * Status page for forum admins: * Pending approvals for moderated forum posts * Speed up some queries by adding more indexes * Security enhancements against spy, worm and spam * Changes for FAQ-editors and Translators: * Can hide FAQ categories and entries * Can mark changed FAQ entries * Changes for Admins: * Can create new password (accepting both old and new), if user forgot * More admin roles * Better cron handling, better error-handling (Adminlog) * Various scripts for checks and administrators daily work [2003-Jul-15] - DGS 1.0.11 (Messaging system, vacation, country) * New messaging system, using folders to let you have better control over your messages. * Vacations. * User-profile: Country flags. * Better scoring phase and improved sgf files * Slightly changed ratings: lower rating limit at 30 kyu. [2002-Oct-26] - DGS 1.0.10 (FAQ, improved ratings) * Rating graph: Click on the rating to see it. * Improved ratings: rating system slightly modified. There is a new blue interval in the rating graph, which says how accurate the rating is. All ratings have been recalculated with new system (don't be surprised if your rating has changed a bit). * Introduced proper FAQ edited by Bjørn Ingmar Berg. The FAQ forum will from now on be a FAQ discussion forum, where you can help Bjørn with filling the FAQ with content. [2002-Jun-10] - DGS 1.0.9 (Layout, finished games, waiting room) * Menu layout: vertical and horizontal menu, editable in user profile * Observing games on game page 'add to observe game' to add it to the list of observed games. * Game list: list recently finished games and more. * Improved Waiting room (look & feel) [2002-May-10] - DGS 1.0.8 (Waiting Room) * Added waiting room to simplify finding suitable opponents. [2002-Apr-28] - DGS 1.0.7 (Translations, Invitation) * Translations: Experimental support for translations. If you want to help translating, please write a message to the new 'Translations' forum. * Improved invitation: Support for double games, nigiri and suggested handicaps. You can also use 'dispute settings' if you want to play but don't agree on all settings. * Smooth board edges: Making the board look a bit better, see edit-user-profile * New message lists looking more like the game lists and the user list [2002-Feb-18] - DGS 1.0.6 (Tables) * New table looks * User and game tables editable to include and exclude table columns. * Game list button graphics can be selected user profile [2002-Jan-12] - DGS 1.0.5 (Email notification, game comments) * Extended email notification: You can let dragon send messages and the game move or the full board instead of just notify. Configurable in user profile. * SGF comments: game comments appear in sgf: * <comment>text<comment> or <c>text</c> inserts text in the sgf file and is shown to the opponent. * <hidden>text</hidden> or <h>text</h> make the text hidden until the game is finished. This can be useful when reviewing your game, without helping your opponent. [2001-Dec-08] - DGS 1.0.4 (Board graphics) * Changed board graphics for faster load to get rid of a problem with strange looking boards on some browsers. Drawback: coordinates are drawn as images, so the first time may take a bit longer if you look at a board. * Edit profile page: change of wood color and coordinate placement [2001-Dec-01] - DGS 1.0.3 (Biographical info, HTML-like code) * Biographical info: enter more info about yourself, see 'status->show/edit userinfo' * Use some HTML code in messages (links, bold, italics and lists). * Docs->links is updated * Docs->todo list is added so you can see my plans for the future. [2001-Nov-11] - DGS 1.0.2 (Rating system) * Own rating system: Algorithm borrowed from the european rating system http://www.eurogofed.org/rating/, and it's relative strength is also the same as the european, so that, e.g. the IYT go guild rank is one stone stronger. [2001-Oct-14] - DGS 1.0.1 (Fischer time) * You can now delete a game the first couple of moves. * New time mode: Fischer time, where you get a fixed amount of extra time each move. This can be very useful in tournaments where you want to ensure the average playing tempo is fast enough. [2001-Jun-26] - DGS 1.0.0 (Initial version) * First official release!
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