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Dragon time features
  • How does the Fischer time system work?
    After a player has submitted a move, the agreed upon "extra time per move" is added to the clock, up to a maximum specified by main time. See also game clock countdown.
    When a player has no time remaining the game is lost.
    This implements the "Capped Fischer time system", though DGS refers to this simply as "Fischer time".
    Time limit format for Fischer time (for example "F: 21d + 3d"):
    "F: M"     : M=main-time, Absolute time (without extra-time)
    "F: M + B" : M=main-time, B=extra-time per move

    Time remaining format for Fischer time:
    "F: m (-)"   : m main-time left (absolute time, no extra-time)
    "F: m (+ B)" : m main-time left + extra-time (B time extra per move)
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