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Dragon game playing
  • Can I download a SGF from a game?
    Yes, but it's very important you know the different ways to download a game record. Otherwise, if you are not careful, it can happen that you unintentionally publish private game messages or your private game notes.
    On the game page there is a link "Download SGF" to download a SGF at any stage of the shown game. If you are a player in that game an additional link "Download SGF with all comments" may be presented as well.
    On the attach SGF page for each game, links with all three ways to download a SGF are presented.
    The different ways to download a SGF have a close relationship with the usage of public and hidden tags in the game messages.
    The following remarks always apply regardless of what way you choose for the download:
    • Private comments (without surrounding <c> or <h> tags) are only visible to the game players regardless of the way to download or if the game is running or finished.
    • Hidden messages (enclosed in <h>..</h> tags) are always visible to the author, and visible to all users after the game is finished.
    • Private game notes can only be seen by the author.

    What parts of the game message and private game notes are included in the SGF depends on the game status and the downloading user ("player" in the game, "observer" = all other users):
    • Download sgf: Public comments are always included. The hidden comments are only included for the author, and for all users (players and observers) when the game is finished. Private game notes are NOT included.
    • Download sgf with all comments: All comments (private, public and hidden comments) are included for all users (players and observers). Private game notes of the downloading user are included.
    • Download sgf WITHOUT comments: No comments and no private game notes are included.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: To create a review and store it on DGS it's recommended to download the SGF without comments. If you want to include some or all of the game messages the players wrote during the game, choose the 1st or 2nd way to download the SGF as described above. But then double-check each text node in the SGF to ensure, that you remove message parts that should stay private before you publish it!

    Please note, that the SGF is cached by your browser. To download an uncached version (within 5 minutes till cache expiry), please refer to: Dragon Quick-Suite Specifications - Section [4.SGF] Request + Options. This should be interesting for Dragon client or robot developers.
    Please note, that there may be a difference of the move numbering on Dragon and in a SGF of a game, especially if it's a handicap game: Handicap stones are given a move number on DGS while in the SGF this may not be the case. Also the scoring steps on Dragon can show up on different move numbers in the SGF.
    So don't rely on identical move numbers when doing a review for example. On the game page, the respective move number for the SGF is shown to the left of the moves select-box for reference (e.g. "SGF-Move 42").
    A more detailed description how a downloaded SGF looks like, you can find in the Dragon Quick-Suite Specifications - Section [4.SGF] Response (SGF-properties). This should be interesting for Dragon client or robot developers.
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