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Dragon contacts
  • What are the items on the Contacts page?
    Here is a brief explanation of the items in the table listing on the contacts page. Only your own contacts (contact-users) are shown.
    • Actions:
      • (img) Link to send a message to contact-user.
      • (img) Link to invite contact-user to a game.
      • (img) Link to edit data of contact-user.
      • (img) Link to remove contact-user. Needs confirmation.

    • Name: Real name of contact-user.
    • Userid: Login-ID of the contact-user.
    • Country: Country of contact-user.
    • Rating: Current rating of contact-user.
    • Last access: Last access of contact-user.
    • System categories: List of system categories you activated for contact-user. See How to add contact for description.
    • User categories: List of user categories you've chosen for contact-user. See How to add contact for description.
    • Notes: Information about contact-user as free text. Multiple lines allowed.
    • Created: Creation date of contact-user entry.
    • Lastchanged: Last changed date of contact-user entry.
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