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Dragon contacts
  • How can I add a user to my contact list?
    There are two ways:
    1. Follow the link Add new contact from the Contacts page. Enter a valid userid and "Check" it.
    2. Go to the user-info of the player you want to add and follow the bottom-link "Add contact". If you already added the player, the link shows up as "Edit contact".

    Activate system and user categories and enter an optional notes text for the user and then press the button "Save contact" to save it in your contact list.
    • System categories have influence on games and messages:
      • Hide waitingroom games: Hide game-offers in the waitingroom of certain user for the suitable-view. The game-offer is still shown for the all-games list.
      • Protect waitingroom games: Prevents user from joining your games in the waiting room
      • Reject messages: Reject messages sent to you by contact-user
      • Reject invitations: Reject game invitations sent to you by contact-user

    • User categories helps in categorizing contact-users:
      • Buddy: good friend
      • Friend: friend-like
      • Student: student contact
      • Teacher: teacher contact
      • Fan: worshipped contact
      • Troll: mark contact-user as troll (for whatever reason)
      • DGS-Crew: contact supporting DGS in some way
      • Miscellaneous: as it has been decided not to provide customizable user categories, you can use this category to allow all kind of categorization by using keywords with a syntax you like in the Notes-field you can search for on the contact-list page.
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