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Dragon messaging
  • What are all those items on the page showing a single message?
    When viewing a single message, there are several fields presented to you:
    • Date: The message creation date.
    • From or To: The message correspondent (sender or recipient).
    • Subject: Subject of the message.
    • Message: The main text body of the message.
    • Folder: The current folder the message is stored in.

    Below the "Message" header, there are none, one or two icons shown, that allow you to walk within the message chain:
    • If there is no icon shown, then the message has neither previous nor next message in the message thread.
    • Clicking on the envelope icon with an arrow from the left, you go to the previous message.
    • Clicking on the envelope with an arrow from the right, you go to the next message.

    There's a selectbox below the message that allows you to move the message into another folder.
    To send an answer (reply) to the current message there's a form at the page bottom with an additional Subject and Message input field. After writing your reply, you can preview how the message looks like (with all the HTML and special Dragon tags) without sending it. When you are done with checking your message, you can send it with a click on the "Send reply" button.
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