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Dragon messaging
  • What are the items on the Messages page?
    The Messages page shows some colored lines with the standard and your additional message folders. Selecting one folder allows you to browse the messages that are stored within the selected folder.
    The messages are shown in a table listing with the following briefly explained columns:
    • Folder: The folder of the message.
    • From or To: The message correspondent (sender or recipient). Click on the user to show the message.
    • Subject: Subject of the message.
    • Column with message icon: There are four different icons, that are also shown on the page showing a single message, allowing to walk the message thread chain. The meaning of the message icons are:
      • (img) (envelope without arrows): Message starting a thread with no follow ups. Icon linked to current message.
      • (img) (envelope with arrow on the left): Message is an answer and has no follow up. Icon linked to parent message.
      • (img) (envelope with arrow on the right): Message started a thread and has a follow up message answering it. Icon linked to answer message(s).
      • (img) (envelope with arrows on left and right): Message that is an answer and has a follow up message. Icon linked to current message.

    • Date: Message creation date.
    • Mark: A checkbox that allows to select a message to perform some action on it (like moving it to another folder with the buttons below the table).

    The button "Marks toggle" allows to toggle all the selected and unselected "marks" in the message list. If a message is selected, the "Marks toggle" switches it to be unselected and vice versa.
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