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Dragon users
  • What are the items on the Users page?
    Here is a brief explanation of the items in the table listing on the users page. Many of this fields are the same as on the user info page, so you may also take a look there, if no description is given here.
    • ID: A players (numerical) ID. Managed by Dragon. Can't be changed.
    • Name, Userid, Country, Rank info, Rating, Open for matches: see description of user info
    • Games: Number of all games of the user (running and finished, rated and unrated)
    • Running: same as "Running games" on user info
    • Finished: same as "Finished games" on user info
    • Rated: same as "Rated games" on user info
    • Won: same as "Won games" on user info
    • Lost: same as "Lost games" on user info
    • Percent, Activity, Last access, Last moved: see user info

    By default the users page only show the active users. To show all users, click on the link at the page bottom "Show all users". To return the link changes to "Only active users".
  • Why are some users not listed in the User list?
    By default Dragon does not list inactive players. There's a filter checkbox in the table header of the "Activity" column to switch between showing only the active or all users (i.e. active and inactive users).
  • How can I see who is currently online on the server?
    Follow one of this links to view a list of players "online" on Dragon:

    The number of minutes to search for can be adjusted in the "Last access"-filter.
    Though the above links provide what is asked for, nobody is "online" on the Dragon Go Server. Dragon only receives page requests and delivers them back to the requesting user. There is no active connection between a player and the server. What comes close to it being "online" is the last access time of a player.
    Other places, where the online-status and/or last-access is shown on Dragon:
    • column "(User online)" on the status page shows the (img)-icon if a user was "online" within the last 10 minutes. The tooltip of the icon shows the time when the opponent was last accessing the site (when hovering over the icon), e.g. "<3 mins".
    • Last access on the User info page of a certain user
    • check column Opponent's last access on running games table of a certain user: Status page -> Running games -> (column may need to be added and sorted).
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