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Dragon game setup
  • How do I start a new game?
    There are several ways to start a new game:
    • Join a game offered within the waiting room.
      Use this method if you are looking for a new opponent. First, click the waiting room link in the menu. Find a game that you want to join, and then click the "Info" button to the left of it. At the bottom of the page should be a detailed description of the game info. If you want to join it, press the "Join" button. It’s that easy.
    • Offer your own game within the waiting room.
      If none of the games in the waiting room suit your palate, then you can place your own game offer. To do this, use the new game page, fill in the form and press "Add Game" button and wait. You will probably be playing within a few days.
    • Invite your friends.
      If you know an opponent's user-id you can send an invitation by following the Invite link in the main menu. Fill in your desired game options, and send it. Your opponent can accept or dispute the game options.
      There is also an "Invite this user" link at the bottom of every user-info page. Following this link will accomplish the same as above, but quicker.
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