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Dragon game setup
  • What is shown in the Settings column in the waiting room?
    The waiting room has a column Settings, that shows the probable game settings used for a particular game offer.
    For your own game offers, the Settings-field is empty or only contains "(FH)" to indicate free handicap placement.
    The Settings field basically consists of two parts:
    • A "color"-icon with a tooltip telling about the likely color for the player to join, if you hover with the mouse over it. This can be one of the following icons:
      • (img) = indicates, that the color can not be determined yet (it's decided later)
      • (img) = your color will (probable) be White
      • (img) = your color will (probable) be Black
      • (img) = you play a double-game, one as White and one as Black player

      Probable color means, that the color could when you join the game as in the meantime the players ratings could change which influences the color settings. If the word "probable" is omitted, the color-setting is clear (e.g. with a manual handicap-type and fix color).
    • Additional information about the handicap and komi.
      The 2nd part can consist of a short text description or a special format for fair-komi games and multi-player-games.

    Here are some examples of the Settings field:
    • (img) Even = Even game with Nigiri (no handicap stones)
    • (img) H3 K-2 = Game with 3 handicap stones, -2 points komi and color chosen by Nigiri, standard handicap placement is used.
    • (img) H7 K0.5 (FH) = Handicapped game with 7 handicap stones and 0.5 points Komi, free handicap placement is used.
    • (img) Even / Hx Ky [(FH)] = Double game (even / handicap game with x handicap stones and y points komi). The optional suffix of "(FH)" indicates, that free handicap placement is used.
    • (img) (img) (3/4) = multi-player-game, color is determined by the game-master that started the game-offer. The (img)-icon has a tooltip showing number of free slots to join when you hover with the mouse over it.
    • (img) Negotiate = fair-komi game, the color will be determined by fair-komi negotiation between the players.
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