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Dragon game setup
  • What are the items for a game offer?
    If you select the Info for one of the game offers in the waiting-room or you received a game invitation or dispute, an info table contains information about what game settings would be used if you join the particular game offer.
    Here's a brief explanation of the fields in the main Info section (in the order of appearance). Please take note, that not all fields are available for all views:
    • Number of games: number of offered games in waiting-room with same settings
    • Number of game-players: number of free slots for multi-player-game
    • Player: name and user-if of opponent
    • Rating: rating of opponent
    • Started games: number of already started and running games with opponent
    • Shape Game: information about shape for shape-game
    • Game Type: see Game Types
    • Ruleset: Japanese rules
    • Size: board size
    • Type: see Handicap Types
    • Colors: the colors given for the opponent and yourself in the game (if possible to calculate at the time)
    • Handicap: number of handicap stones from game-offer (may be different from actual handicap used for game, see "Game settings" below)
    • Komi: komi from game-offer (may be different from actual handicap used for game, see "Game settings" below)
    • Handicap adjustment: Adjustment for handicap stones (increase, reduction of stones); minimum and maximum handicap
    • Standard placement: free or standard placement of handicap stones
    • Komi adjustment: Adjustment for komi (increase, reduction of komi)
    • Rating restrictions: Accepted rating range of your rating; you are not allowed to join if red background is shown.
    • Accept same opponent: restrictions that show how often the same opponent can join the same game offer; you are not allowed to join if red background is shown
    • Main time: main-time used for game
    • Japanese byo-yomi, Canadian byo-yomi, Fischer time: extra time used for game
    • Rated game: if game is rated or unrated
    • Clock runs on weekends: Yes = clock runs on weekend, No = clock stopped on weekend
    • Comment: Comment of game-offer from waiting-room

    What follows is a section with the Game settings or Probable game settings:
    • The section "Probable game settings" contains a probable handicap calculus according to your current rating. It's called probable, because a lot of things can happen while you are just reading it, e.g. the rating of the user can be changed, which also changes the calculated settings.
    • Color: The color field may contain a nice image indicating which color you get in the game:
      • (img) : you get White color
      • (img) : you get Black color
      • (img) (yin-yang symbol) : your color is chosen by random indicating an even or handicap game with nigiri
      • (img) + (img) : double game, you get one game with White and one with Black color

    • Handicap: number of handicap stones used for the actual game
    • Komi: komi used for the actual game
    • Jigo-Check: Jigo mode for fair komi
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