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Dragon game setup
  • How to start a fair-komi game?
    A fair-komi game can be started as an even game without handicap stones by an invitation or by creating a new fair-komi game offer in the waiting room.
    Fair-komi games are not supported for multi-player-games or for Dragon Tournaments.
    For a fair-komi game you must choose from one the four fair-komi handicap-types and choose from one of the options for "Jigo-Check". The other game-settings are described in How to add a game offer in the waiting room and are not repeated here.
    The options for Jigo-Check influence the checks on the komi bids during the komi negotation phase for fair-komi games:
    • No Jigo restrictions: the komi bids can increase by 0.5 point steps.
    • Enforce Jigo: the komi bids can only be whole numbers (no fractional part thereby allowing Jigo).
    • Forbid Jigo: the komi bids must be fractional always ending with a .5 to prevent a Jigo.

    When your game offer is accepted, the fair-komi game starts with the komi negotiation phase. From this point on forward, the game clocks are running. The game page (and game-info page) show instructions how to do the bidding on komi (or to choose the playing color).
    Finally here's a hint: If you are undecided how to do your komi bids, you should ask yourself: "Would I rather play White or Black with this komi?"
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