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Dragon game setup
  • How can I invite a friend to a game?
    Open the Invite page from the main menu. For this you have to know the userid of the other player. As alternative you may open the players user info page and then follow the "Invite this user" link on the page bottom. You can also start an invitation from the contacts page by clicking the the (img)-icon for one of your buddies. Then you can configure your game invitation.
    You have to choose from several options. Most of those items are the same as in adding a new game in the waiting room and are not repeated here. But there are some important features, that are unique for invitations, so ensure you get to know them as well. The following list comprises the differences, which are briefly explained:
    • To (userid): Choose the player you want to invite.
      If you press the "Preview" button and you and your opponent have a valid rating, the probable handicap and komi is given for the Conventional and Proper handicap to the right of the particular option in the game-settings. To see them you may have to scroll up on the invitation page.
    • Message: Free text field. You may type in a nice greeting message, explaining why you invite the other player or just say "hello" ;-)
    • The Require rated opponent and Comment items known from the waiting room page are not needed for an invitation and are therefore omitted.

    If you want to invite users with similar game-settings, you can save the game-settings in a template.
    Submitting the invitation sends a message to your invited player. Your opponent player then can accept, reject or dispute your game invitation.
    A disputed invitation show also the differences between the original invitation and the disputed game-settings.
    When a game-invitation or dispute is not answered by accepting, rejecting or disputing for longer than 6 months, it will be deleted automatically. The text messages are still there, but they cannot be used to start a game any more. A new invitation must then be sent.
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