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Dragon game setup
  • What are the items on the Waiting room page?
    The Waiting room page is divided into two sections:
    • A list with game offers by the users. Clicking on the "Info" button will show a detailed info box about that game offer. Then you may join it, or you may choose another game offer from the list above.
    • Links to show other views of the games in the waiting room page:
      • All waiting games: shows all game offers except your own, but including the ones you can not join.
      • Suitable waiting games: shows only games, that you can join matched by several criteria configured by the game-offer.
      • My waiting games: shows only your own game-offers.

    Here is a brief explanation of the columns in the waiting room game list waiting for players to join them. The term "game" in the following entries refers to the game offered by the listed user identified by "Userid". Some more details you will find on How to add a new game offer.
    • Info: Click to show detailed info about the game. This info box repeats some of the static parameters of the game offer, but is extended with more information: see What are the items for a game offer?
    • UserType: see User Type icons
    • Name: Real name of the user, that added the game.
    • Userid: Login-ID of the user, that added the game.
    • Country: Country, the user choose to live in.
    • Rating: Current rating of the user, that added the game.
    • Comment: Additional comment from the user about the game. Free text.
    • GameType: see Game types
    • Size: Board size to use for the game.
    • Type: see Handicap types
    • Settings: Probable game settings used for the game; see What is shown in the Settings column in the waiting room?
    • Handicap: Number of handicap stones
    • Komi: The Komi for the game.
    • Restrictions: This column shows the restrictions for the game offer. Normally only the suitable games, that you are allowed to join, are shown. If you view all waiting games and you are not allowed to join the game, the column field is filled with a red background.
    • Time limit: Time limit specification for the game with Japanese byo-yomi, Canadian byo-yomi or Fischer time.
    • Rated: Indicates, if the game is played as rated or unrated game.
    • #Games: Number of games with the same game settings. Can be in range of 1 to 10.
    • Weekend Clock: The weekend clock setting of the game. Yes = game clock runs on weekend, No = game clock stopped on weekend.
    • Standard Placement: Indicates, if handicap stones should be placed on the standard positions or can be placed freely on the board.
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