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Dragon game setup
  • How can I add a new game offer in the waiting room?
    To create game offers in the waiting room, you have to open the New Game page, which contains a page of simple game settings. With the bottom-links you can choose how to create a new game offer:

    You have to make some choices (in order of appearance), which are briefly explained here. These are used for the new game views though not all are available for all views:
    • Number of games to add: You can offer up to 10 games with the same setting. 1 is the default.
    • Board size: You can choose between a size of 5 and 25. Standard sizes are 19x19, 13x13 and 9x9. Different sizes show different impacts on the players' ratings.
    • Handicap type: To choose the handicap type of the game, you have to choose one of Conventional handicap, Proper handicap or Manual setting. If you choose Manual setting, you can adjust handicap and komi. You must select from Nigiri, Double, Black or White.
    • Adjust Handicap: On the expert view you can choose a reduced or increased number of handicap stones, and you set a minimum and maximum limit for the handicap stones. This is most useful in combination with the Conventional or Proper handicap type.
    • Standard placement: Choose this option, when you want a standard placement of potential handicap stones.
    • Adjust Komi: On the expert view you can choose to reduce or increase the Komi. With the option "Jigo mode" you can choose if you want to enforce or forbid <home >Jigo. This is most useful in combination with the Conventional or Proper handicap type.
    • Main time: Choose the main time for your game. Then choose one of the overtime settings: Japanese byo-yomi, Canadian byo-yomi or Fischer time.
      Choosing "0" as overtime is possible. In that case, the game only runs with an absolute time. When it's up, the game is over.
    • Clock runs on weekends: Weekend setting for the game.
    • Rated game: Specify, if your game should be a rated game or not. To get rated game, also choose the option "Require rated opponent" and be sure that the other conditions are met.
    • Require rated opponent: Choose this option, if you require an opponent with a valid rating. Additionally you can choose the rating range for your opponent.
    • Min. rated finished games: With this option you can enforce, that your opponent can only join your game offer, if he or she has a minimum amount of rated finished games.
    • Accept same opponent: With this option you can prevent, that the same user joins your game offer more than once.
      See How can I prevent that the same user joins my waiting room game twice?
    • Comment: An optional free text comment, you can give about your game. For example: "teaching game offered" and "please make comments on your moves".

    To get a rated game, be sure that all the conditions for getting a rated game are met. You may want to choose the option Require rated opponent to ask for opponents within a certain rating range.
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