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Dragon site access
  • What is my user access quota?
    To avoid excessive use of the server, a quota system (with a user access quota) to block users flooding DGS with requests was introduced.
    Keep a "normal" access profile and you will not be blocked for over-use:
    You are allowed to make 500 page requests per hour.
    Please read the Dragon guidelines: How should the resources provided by DGS be used responsibly?
    When your access quota runs low (<= 10), a warning is shown at the top of each web-page. When you got 1 hit left, you will be blocked for a day with the next request, so better stop right then.
    On the web-page, your current remaining quota and the quota expire time is shown in the center of the bottom bar. The quick-do suite returns the remaining user quota with each response. The quick-play page does not return a warning, so be careful not to exceed the quota by checking it from time to time by checking on the web-site or using the quick-do-suite.
    As DGS is not a real time server, it does not expect very frequent server checks (refreshes). As a guide:
    • check at most once every hour -> gold medal
    • check every 10 minutes to 1 hour -> silver medal
    • check every 5 to 10 minutes -> bronze medal
    • check every 1 to 5 minutes -> you win no medals
    • check more than once per minute -> you may not be allowed to play for a while

    For further description, see I'm blocked from accessing Dragon. What can I do?
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