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Dragon site access
  • How do I log in to my account?
    Login via Dragon's main page by entering your user ID and personal password. The DGS server will create a cookie that is stored locally on your computer. This authentication cookie will let you stay logged in for 30 days.
  • How do I log out of my account?
    Click the "Logout" link at the bottom right on any page. If you are not active for 30 days, the authentication cookies set by the server will expire and log you out.
  • I forgot my password. What can I do?
    There are two scenarios. When you have entered a valid email in your account, go to the login page and follow the link "Forgotten password". On that page you need to enter your login-ID and Dragon will send a new password to the email you entered in the according account. Then login in with the new password and change your password. Please don't forget it this time!
    If the second scenario applies for you, having no valid email in your account, you can take the following emergency procedure:
    Login as guest and post a "request for a new password" in the Support forum providing your login-ID (userid) AND a valid(!) email to which the new password will be sent.
    Forum posts made by guests are not shown, because they have first to be approved by a forums admin. One of the Dragon administrators then creates another password for your account, which will be sent to the email you provided. It can take some hours up to several days. This depends on the administrators checking Dragon. They normally don't look every minute, if there is something to do for them ;)
    When you receive the new password per mail, login to Dragon and for security reasons immediately change your password. Don't forget it this time ;-)
    If you don't receive the new password, creating another password can only be done by an admin. So be careful to use a valid emailaddress.
    As final workaround solution, you might register a new account. But that is something you shouldn't do lightly.
  • Why are cookies needed?
    The authentication cookies are needed to recognize you. DGS uses the cookies sent by your browser to identify who has called a page.
  • What is my user access quota?
    To avoid excessive use of the server, a quota system (with a user access quota) to block users flooding DGS with requests was introduced.
    Keep a "normal" access profile and you will not be blocked for over-use:
    You are allowed to make 500 page requests per hour.
    Please read the Dragon guidelines: How should the resources provided by DGS be used responsibly?
    When your access quota runs low (<= 10), a warning is shown at the top of each web-page. When you got 1 hit left, you will be blocked for a day with the next request, so better stop right then.
    On the web-page, your current remaining quota and the quota expire time is shown in the center of the bottom bar. The quick-do suite returns the remaining user quota with each response. The quick-play page does not return a warning, so be careful not to exceed the quota by checking it from time to time by checking on the web-site or using the quick-do-suite.
    As DGS is not a real time server, it does not expect very frequent server checks (refreshes). As a guide:
    • check at most once every hour -> gold medal
    • check every 10 minutes to 1 hour -> silver medal
    • check every 5 to 10 minutes -> bronze medal
    • check every 1 to 5 minutes -> you win no medals
    • check more than once per minute -> you may not be allowed to play for a while

    For further description, see I'm blocked from accessing Dragon. What can I do?
  • I'm blocked from accessing DGS. What can I do?
    If you exceed your user access quota you may be blocked for a day.
    If you feel, that you have been blocked accidentally or for an undeserved reason, please login as guest and inform the DGS-crew in the Support Forum giving your blocked account user-id. Please do not publish your email address or any other personal details in the Forum.
  • How do I log in to my account faster?
    You can log in without entering your user ID and password every time by putting both the user ID and password in the URL itself. In other words direct your browser to
    Be aware that storing a password in plain text bears a considerable security risk. Do not distribute your login URL or store it as a bookmark on a public computer.
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