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Dragon community features
  • What are the items on a forums Thread overview page?
    The thread overview page shows an overview of threads for a selected forum showing the initial post message of the threads.
    Adding a New Topic from the navigation bar is making a new entry in this thread overview. The first post and answers to it are composed into a thread showing up on this page. Clicking on a thread will open the Thread reading page where all corresponding posts are presented in a threaded list.
    New threads you didn't read so far are marked with a "new" indicator. Reading a thread means to open the Thread Reading page for a particular thread.
    The navigational bar contains links to:
    • Return to the "Forums" overview page
    • Create a new thread writing a "New Topic"
    • Opening the forum "Search" page
    • "Mark all thread as read" to mark all "new"-entries as read (only available if there are some)
    • "Prev Page" and "Next Page" to navigate, if there are many entries.

    Here's a brief explanation of the field items in the content section:
    • Thread: The subject line of the initial post of a thread.
    • Author: The author who started the thread.
    • Posts: number of posts in the thread.
    • Hits: number of reads of the thread by other users
    • Lastpost: date of the last post in the thread (with author of last post, which can be hidden)

    Below the content table there's a select-box to change the number of shown rows.
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