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Dragon community features
  • What are the items on the Forums page?
    The forum starts on the Forum overview page. Main forum features include:
    • Write new and edit existing posts with a preview feature. The edited posts are kept in a history, but only the most recent entry is shown to other users. Before adding a post, check out the different forums to see in which one it fits best.
    • Moderation (by forum admins). For example posts by the guest user must be approved by one of the forum admins to be seen. The forum admin might choose to accept or reject the message post in the forums.
    • Indication of new posts in thread overview page
    • Searching posts

    The forums are comprised of several pages:

    The forum is built from a table with a top bar with navigational links, a (titled) content section and a bottom bar repeating the links in the top bar.
    Here are the field items in the content section on the forum overview page:
    • Forum name
    • Forum description
    • Number of Threads in a forum
    • Number of Posts in a forum
    • Date of last post in a forum (with author of last post, which can be hidden)
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