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Dragon shape games
  • How can I edit a goban in the Goban Editor?
    After creating an initial <igoban>-tag in the goban editor, you can continue to edit the goban (board) using the "Preview"-button to view if the syntax is correct.
    Links used in the diagram are all opening in new windows to avoid losing entered text.
    Here's a brief explanation of the other actions:
    • Switch Colors: Switches the color of the black and white stones on the goban.
    • Flatten: Cuts board to smaller dimension (width or height) to make it square. Removes all markup, text, links leaving only black and white stones ready to be saved as shape to be used for shape-games.
    • Save Shape: Flattens goban (see item before) and jumps to edit page to add additional attributes needed for shape. Also see: What are all those items on the page showing a single shape?
    • If you use the goban in the forums or for messages, just copy the <igoban>-tag to the target location. When you later want to edit the goban again, you only need to copy the raw-format of the goban again into the goban editor. This can be achieved by adding the URL-argument 'raw=1' to the web-request.
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