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Dragon shape games
  • How can I create a shape or game-board?
    To start a game with a new shape or use a game-board in the forums or messages you first have to create a goban. To create or edit a shape you should use the goban editor. In the forums you can also use previewing to create or edit a shape, the goban editor has some helpful extra edit-features though.
    Using the Dragon goban editor there are roughly six ways to create a goban (game board):
    • Create a goban from scratch.
    • Create a goban from a Dragon game.
    • Upload a game from a SGF.
    • Copy from one of the existing DGS shapes.
    • Copy the raw-format of an existing goban on DGS.
    • Copy the raw-format of a board diagram from Sensei`s Library.
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