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Dragon icons and images
  • Table-listing icons
    Icons used on pages containing a list of rows in a tabular structure (e.g. the users page):
    • (img) (first), (img) (previous), (img) (next), (img) (last) : icons in table-header and footer linked to navigate in the row data jumping to the 1st, previous, next and last page
    • (img) : icon in table-header to remove a specific table-column. The column can be re-added with the select-box and "Add column" button below the table.
    • (img) (img) (1st sort criteria), (img) (img) (2nd sort criteria) : icon in table-header to indicate the 1st and 2nd sort criteria of table-columns. See also help entry: How can I change the order of table listings?
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