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Dragon icons and images
  • General icons
    • (img) : edit an object (depends on the page)
    • (img) : delete an object (depends on the page)
    • (img) : info-page of an object (depends on the page)
    • (img) : indicates if there is a description for a shape on the shapes list page.
    • (img) : RSS-feed of the page it appears on
    • (img) : table-listing (context dependent)
    • (img) : opens tournament-info page
    • (img) : represents "NO" (negative)
    • (img) : represents "YES" (positive)
  • Table-listing icons
    Icons used on pages containing a list of rows in a tabular structure (e.g. the users page):
    • (img) (first), (img) (previous), (img) (next), (img) (last) : icons in table-header and footer linked to navigate in the row data jumping to the 1st, previous, next and last page
    • (img) : icon in table-header to remove a specific table-column. The column can be re-added with the select-box and "Add column" button below the table.
    • (img) (img) (1st sort criteria), (img) (img) (2nd sort criteria) : icon in table-header to indicate the 1st and 2nd sort criteria of table-columns. See also help entry: How can I change the order of table listings?
  • Game icons
  • Game board images
    • Images for playing:
      (img) / (img) : black / white stone
      (img) / (img) : black / white last move marker
      (img) (img) : move capture
    • Numbered stones (for move numbering):
      (img) ... (img) : numbered black stones 1..500
      (img) ... (img) : numbered white stones 1..500
    • Images for scoring phase:
      (img) : black territory
      (img) : white territory
      (img) : dame (neutral points)
      (img) : undecided points (e.g. in a seki)
      (img) - dead black stone (counted as white prisoner)
      (img) - dead white stone (counted as black prisoner)
  • User icons
    User-Type icons (can be set by an admin):
    • (img) : indicates that user is a professional player
    • (img) : indicates that user is a robot player
    • (img) : indicates that user is a teacher and can give lessons (free or commercial teacher)

    Other user-related icons:
    • (img) : indicates that user is a dragon executive (admin) (shown on forum posts and user-info page)
    • (img) : shows if user is "online"
    • (img) : indicates that user is in his/her sleeping time (shown on user-info page, game-page and game-info-page)
    • (img) : indicates that user is on vacation (shown on user-info page, game-page and game-info page)
    • (img) : indicates that user has a user-picture on the user-info page
    • (img) (more active), (img) (less active): activity-level on the users page and user-info page
  • Message icons
    Some of the message icons are also explained in the help entry: What do the items on the Messages page mean?.
    • (img) : send a new message
    • (img) : message without parent message or answer. Icon is often linked to current message.
    • (img) : message that is an answer (has a parent message) and has at least one answer. Icon is linked to current message.
    • (img) : message that is an answer. Icon is linked to parent message.
    • (img) : message that has at least one answer. Icon is linked to next answer(s).
    • (img) : message thread view showing bifurcations of the message thread. Icon is linked.
    • (img) : first message of a thread. Icon is linked.
    • (img) : message is part of a bulk-message, and pointing to the message that must be used to further process it.
  • Forum icons
    Forum navigation icons on the Thread reading page:
    • (img) : jumps to the 1st post (at the top)
    • (img) : jumps to the previous parent post
    • (img) : jumps to the previous answer
    • (img) : jumps to the next answer
    • (img) : jumps to the next parent
    • (img) : jumps to the last post (at the bottom)
    • (img) : jumps to the 1st answer to a post
  • FAQ-editor icons
    The following icons can only be seen by FAQ-editors:
    • (img) / (img) : expand / collapse the FAQ category sections
    • (img) / (img) : move FAQ-entries up / down in the same category
    • (img) / (img) : move FAQ-entries into the parent / next category
    • (img) : create a new FAQ-category or FAQ-entry
    • (img) / (img) : hide / unhide a FAQ-entry
    • (img) / (img) : mark a FAQ-entry as translatable / untranslatable
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