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Dragon multi-player-games
  • What are the items in the list of participating players for multi-player-games?
    Multi-player-games in setup-mode and playing-mode show almost the same amount of information: the most important game-settings and the average team-ratings at the top and a list of the participating players (or free slots) with the following columns:
    • # = playing order within the team
      For a running game some additional icons are shown:
      • (img) = Black player to move
      • (img) = White player to move
      • (img) = double-arrow indicating the 2nd-next player to move

    • Col = color identifying team the player takes part in and the playing-color
    • Player, Country, Rating, Last access = information about the participating player
    • Flags shown per user can be:
      • Master = game-master
      • Joined = game-master joined MP-game as player
      • Reserved[WR] = reserved slot for player waiting to join MP-game from waiting-room
      • Reserved[INV] = reserved slot for specific player for which invitation to join MP-game has been sent
      • Joined[WR|INV] = slot taken by player that already joined the MP-game via WR (waiting-room) or INV (invitation)

    • Actions (only for game-master in setup-mode):
      (img) = remove joined player (or reserved slot for invitation)
      (img) = invite player to MP-game (or send reminder for invitation)
    • Action for all participants:
      (img) = sending message to player
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