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Dragon multi-player-games
  • How can I find my multi-player-games in setup-mode?
    The status-page (and the quick-status page) shows a list with MP-games currently in setup-mode, for which you are either the game-master or participate as a player.
    The list on the status-page contains the following columns:
    • Game ID = linked to the game-players page of the MP-game
    • GameType = describes the game-type and number of players of the MP-game: Team-Go (N:M) or Zen-Go (N)
    • Joined = gives number of joined players and total number of players in format "N / M". When all players have joined, the value is emphasized, so the game-master can easier spot when to finish up the teams, color and handicap/komi in order to start the game.
    • Game master = the game-master
    • Ruleset = used ruleset
    • Size = used board-size
    • Last changed = date when game-setup has been last changed

    MP-games that are in playing-mode are not shown in that list. To find those, please read: How can I find multi-player-games?
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