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Dragon multi-player-games
  • How can I offer my multi-player-game in the waiting-room?
    Select "Add to waiting-room" on the "game-players"-page of your multi-player-game:
    • Specify how many user-slots you wish to offer in the waiting-room.
    • If you want, specify some game-settings for: rating-range, number of rated finished games and a waiting-room comment.
    • After submitting your game-offer, a waiting-room entry is added.
      On the 'Info'-page and in the Settings-column in the waiting-room, a link to the corresponding "game-players"-page is shown to enable the users to find out the current setup and groups of your MP-game.

    When a user matches the game-offer criteria, the user can join the offer and will automatically take one of the free reserved waiting-room-slot in your MP-game.
    The game-master will be informed about a joined user with a notification message.
    To delete or replace the MP-game offer in the waiting-room, an existing MP-game-offer has to be either deleted or be fulfilled (by users joining it) first.
    • Only one waiting-room offer can be created at one time restricted to one set of game-offer-settings.
    • The waiting-room entry can be deleted at any time. All non-taken reserved waiting-room-slots on the "game-players"-page are freed with this.
    • The corresponding entry in the waiting-room can be easily found by the game-master via the "game-players"-page clicking on the bottom-link "Add to waiting-room". If there's an existing entry a link to it will be shown.
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