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Dragon multi-player-games
  • How can I invite a specific player to my multi-player-game?
    Inviting a player to your multi-player-game involves several steps from yourself and the invited user:
    1. Go to the "game-players"-page and select "Invite". This is different from a regular game invitation because of some special needs for MP-games.
    2. Specify the user-id of the user you want to invite.
      • The user is checked and potential errors are listed, e.g. the user must have a valid rating to participate.
      • If the user is valid, a reservation is added and you will be forwarded to the "send-message"-page to inform the user about the invitation.
      • A template-text is shown together with a preview. You may edit the text (or translate it) as you like, but be sure that the main information about the invitation with the original references stay included.
      • Sending it will forward the message to the invited user as normal private message.

    3. When the invited user receives your message and is following the link in the message, thereby entering the "game-players"-page, the user will see a reserved slot for his/her invitation. The user will be automatically asked to join the MP-game. Then the invited user can:
      • a) accept the invitation, or
      • b) reject the invitation

      Additionally the user might want to reply to your invitation-message with additional information or questions before or after acceptance or rejection of the invitation.
      The game-master will be informed about the users decision with a notification message.
    4. When the user does not respond, or as long as the invited user has not accepted or rejected the invitation, the game-master can:
      • c) send a reminder:
        To send a reminder, from the "game-players"-page click on the "Invite"-image in the Actions-column for the specific reserved-slot of the invited user.
        Re-enter/edit some text and send the message.
      • d) delete the reserved invitation:
        To delete the reservation, click on the "Trashcan"-image in the Actions-column for the invited user. You will be asked for confirmation of the deletion.
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