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Dragon multi-player-games
  • How can I talk to other players in a multi-player-game?
    Talking during a multi-player-game is normally not allowed by the official rules. So please ensure, you have studied "What are the rules for a multi-player-game?" before reading on.
    The following list gives a brief explanation of the normally allowed cases to talk with the other players:
    • Talk during setup of the game.
    • Talk before or after starting the game for a greeting.
    • Talk to ask your team partner(s) if it's ok to resign or to end the game.

    There are three ways to talk to the other players for a multi-player-game:
    • You can create a MPG-bulletin addressing ALL players of the game. This can be used for communication to start the game.
      On the game-page follow the (img)-icon (or "Show game-players" bottom-link), then use the "New bulletin" bottom-link to create a new bulletin.
    • Use normal game messages to address all players. Your game message can be seen by all players, though it may not be obvious to them that there is a message (as this is not notified). In a multi-player-game your team-partner need to browse back to your move to be able to see your message.
    • You can send a bulk-message to a list of users to ask your partners if it's acceptable to resign.
      This functionality can be easily used when you click on the "Resign"-link. Dragon then shows a warning to ask your team members about your resignation with a link to create a bulk-message (already filled in with your partners and a reference to the game with the allowed question as subject).
      Sending a bulk-message for non-admin users is only possible for multi-player-games.
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