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Dragon multi-player-games
  • How can I recognize a multi-player-game?
    On the various page there's a "Game Type" (as field or column) describing what type of game it is:
    • Go = normal games
    • Team-Go (N:M) = Team-Go multi-player-game
    • Zen-Go (N) = Zen-Go multi-player-game

    Additionally the shown team-icon ((img)) links to the corresponding "game-players"-page for the MP-game.
    On the game page this game-type can be found in the game-info box below the board. For MP-games the (img)-icon as well as the bottom-link "Show game-players" lead to the "game-players"-page that only exists for multi-player-games.
    On the game-info page the game-type can be found in the left "Game settings"-section.
    In the waiting room, there's also a "Game Type" column giving the type, though the (img)-icon linked to the "game-players"-page appears in the "Settings"-column.
    In the game lists with status-games, running, finished or observed games there's a "Game Type"-column.
    As multi-player-games are not always listed in the normal game-lists, please also read: How can I find multi-player-games?
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