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Dragon multi-player-games
  • How can I choose the handicap and komi for my multi-player-game?
    After all players have joined a multi-player-game you as the game-master must follow the link "Choose color & handicap" (for Team-Go) or "Choose handicap" (for Zen-Go) on the "game-players"-page to set the handicap and komi for the game.
    For Zen-Go you only need to enter the wanted handicap and komi and press "Save selected settings".
    In classical games of Team-Go with players of different ratings, an average rating for each team is calculated and the difference in the group ratings define the game-settings for handicap and komi just as like two players would compete normally.
    A good guideline to setup the teams is to try finding a grouping that results in average group ratings, that are as close as possible. You can start with putting the two strongest persons in opposite teams, take the next two strongest, and so on.
    The page can assist with this process. However, this practice is optional, so you can choose whatever teams you like or whatever handicap and komi you prefer to play with.
    For Team-Go you can change the grouping of teams using the group-colors 'B/W/G1/G2'. This does recalculate the average "Group ratings" which are shown above the players-table. Additionally below the table you can find the conventional and proper handicap type applied on the group ratings resulting in a suggestion for handicap and komi. Using the "Preview"-button on the respective line will copy the handicap and komi to the input-fields, so that you can just press "Save selected settings" to finally save the values for handicap and komi.
    Naturally you can also manually change the handicap and komi to be used disregarding the suggestions.
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