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Dragon multi-player-games
  • How can I start my multi-player-game?
    To start the multi-player-game, the game-master should follow the link "Start game" on the "game-players"-page. Some errors might be shown, preventing that the game can be started. In that case, fix them first.
    To be able to start a game all free slots must be taken by joined players and the game-master had to complete the following steps:

    Before starting the game, the game-master may want to send a bulk-message to all game-players by clicking the link "Send message to all game-players". You may edit the message or recipients before sending it.
    This would be the last chance to back off from the game by telling the game-master, which is able to remove an already joined player. After this point, no player can be removed and the MP-game can NOT be deleted any longer (except by an admin).
    To finally start the game, press the "Start game"-button. This step will finish the setup-mode of the MP-game. Every game-player will be notified with a server-message about the game-start.
    You will find a list of your running multi-player-games on various places, but not necessarily in the normal running games lists.
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