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Dragon multi-player-games
  • What are the rules for a multi-player-game?
    Normally during a multi-player-game it's not allowed to speak with each other about the moves to play. The only practical allowed consultation on Dragon is a greeting or to ask your partners if you can resign the game. Though officially forbidden, talk during the game can not be prevented anyway as there are other means to communicate, which is especially true for a turn-based server.
    It's considered to be much more fun in a multi-player-game NOT to speak about the moves in advance: if a weaker player always consults his stronger teammate, in the end, the weaker player would not much participate in the game. It can be a great learning experience for a weaker player, while stronger players may be able to use such games as teaching games.
    However, if you want to talk to the other players there are three ways, which are explained in: Can I talk to other players in a multi-player-game?
    Some "official rules" can be found on or
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