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Dragon multi-player-games
  • How to play a multi-player-game?
    After all players have joined and the multi-player-game has been started, it is in playing-mode. When it's your turn to play a move, the MP-game will appear in your status-games along with your other games.
    For multi-player-games some more information is available:
    • While playing the game, the game-players page for the MP-game shows the game-settings, the list of participating players, which players has to move next, and it offers functions to contact the other players. The contents of the list of participating players is explained in:
      What are the items in the list of participating players for multi-player-games?
    • Comments on the game-comments page for a MP-game additionally contains the moving player.
    • The downloaded SGF of a MP-game contains extended game-info and also show the players user-id, name and rating on each move-node. This behavior can be deactivated with the URL-argument mpg=1. For difference in the SGF-output format, see also: Quick-suite specs, chapter "4.QST"
    • Deleting a game is not possible in playing-mode except for an admin.
    • Playing, resigning and ending a MP-game is only slightly different than a standard game.
    • The user-info page shows the current number of MP-games in setup-mode & running-mode, but only for yourself.
    • On the game-page the player of the last-move is added in the game-info box below the board.
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