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Dragon multi-player-games
  • How can I create a new multi-player-game?
    There are five ways to create a multi-player-game:

    On the new-multi-player-game page you have to specify some game-settings. Please note, that these settings can NOT be changed later:
    • Board-size
    • Placement of handicap stones must be set regardless if the game will be handicapped or not, because the handicap and Komi will be assigned after the players have been found which will happen in a later step.
    • Game Players defines, if you play Team-Go or Zen-Go and with how many players in each team. Here are some examples:
      • use "1:3" for Team-Go with 1 player vs 3 players (order doesn't matter, so "3:1" is an equivalent value)
      • use "2:2" for Rengo
      • use "5" for Zen-Go with 5 players

    • Time settings

    If you are finished, the game will be created by clicking on the "Add game" button, or the game-settings will be saved as template by clicking on the "Save Template" button.
    Adding a game will create the game in setup-mode and will forward you to the "game-players"-page where you can manage the multi-player-game.
    All multi-player-games you "manage" are listed on the status page as long as they are in setup-mode, i.e. not started or running yet.
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