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Dragon multi-player-games
  • What is Team-Go?
    Team-Go is a game played by more than two players in two teams, each team with a different color. Special cases with two players in each team are Rengo and Pair-Go.
    On Dragon the notation "Team-Go (N:M)" represents a Team-Go game played by two teams consisting of N players for Black and M players for White.
    The teams can be symmetrical (same number of players) or asymmetrical, e.g. "Team-Go (1:2)" = 1 (Black) vs 2 players (White).
    Team-Go can be a lot of fun, especially if the strength of the players vary a lot combining stronger with weaker players. The weaker players can learn on what to concentrate while the stronger players may find it amusing or fall into despair on counteracting inferior moves ;-)
    If a stronger player participates you may ask him to add a review of the game, which could make such a game into a good learning experience.
    You are able to start games with up to 16 players in total, though you should be aware, that playing with so many players, the likelihood of players going away thereby "ending" the game, or the time needed to find enough players may be tedious (especially if you are stronger you may find not so many players willing to play such non-standard games).
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