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Learning and teaching
  • How can I get stronger?
    There are a range of approaches, such as:
    • reviewing your own games
    • using an sgf editor to try different options
    • getting games reviewed
    • practice reading
    • practising problems.

    There are many Go sites that can help.
    Some useful Go problems may be found at these sites:

    The latter site has the option to choose the type of problem. Various Go players have different views on this, but life and death problems are generally considered useful for building strength.
  • What is The Go Teacher?
    Here on Dragon there is a shared game account The Go Teacher (sensei) with some friendly folks that can play a teaching game with you. Read their bio entries "Who is Sensei", "How to" and "Advice to students" to see if you meet the conditions and how to get in contact with them. Then you can start a teaching game using their game preferences as described in the bio entries.
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