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Dragon codes and markup
  • Which Dragon tags can I use?
    This is a simple link: <>
    This is a simple link:
    <color #c07f32>Other color</color>
    <color #acacac>Other color</color>
    <color #f03571>Other color</color>
    <color #003399>Other color</color>
    Other color
    Other color
    Other color
    Other color
    Complete description of color codes available at
    <quote>This is some quoted text</quote>
    This is some quoted text

    <image board/b.gif>
    <image board/w.gif>
    <image board/y.gif>
    <image send.gif>
    The tag for Dragon images shows images from the Dragon images directory. The board-prefix shows board-images of size 17. No remote images can be shown.
    All the grey rectangles are generated using the <code> tag. Text within the <code> and </code> tags is displayed "as is" with one exception; the </code> tag itself.
    <code>Example of code</code> will display as:
    Example of code
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