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Dragon codes and markup
  • Can I use HTML tags on Dragon?
    Dragon allows the use of some HTML tags. There are also some tags that are specific to Dragon. A tag is a special code within the text of a webpage. A tag tells the web-browser how to display or what to do with a given part of the webpage. Normally a tag has this format:
    <tag>Text that gets affected by the tag</tag>

    Tags are usable at the following places on Dragon:
    • in the user bio
    • in the user info, the field "Rank Info"
    • in the user info, the field "Open for matches"
    • in messages directly to another member
    • in messages in an ongoing game
    • in the forums
    • in the comment of the game offerings in the waiting room

    If you include HTML tags and entities or use any of the Dragon tags please remember to adhere to the rules and syntax of HTML. Mostly this will mean including end-tags where that is proper.
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