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Dragon alternative interfaces
  • Request limitations of alternative interfaces
    Before you use one of the alternative interfaces, please ensure, that you read the FAQ entry: How should the resources provided by DGS be used responsibly?
    We were forced to establish some limitations, because the alternative interfaces were used too often, in particular the RSS channel. A limitation may be necessary for the others interfaces as well if there are too many requests.
    Below you find the "allowed" minimum limitations. However, you should not use those minimums just because it is the minimum. Instead responsibly choose a request interval, that you can live with and does not stress the server too much.
    • RSS-Status and WAP-Status: The minimum request interval for the RSS and WAP channel is one request in 5 minutes. Requesting it more often results in an error message. At least one result per hour will be returned even if the request linit has been exceeded.
    • Quick-Status: Access is not restricted, though the content is cached on the server using different expire times for the returned data sections. For details see Quick-Suite Specification - Section [4.QST] Quick-Status.
    • Quick-Do Suite: Restricted by user access quota.
    • Quick-Play: Restricted by user access quota.
    • SGF-Download: Currently unrestricted
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