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Dragon alternative interfaces
  • Does Dragon have a robot interface?
    Yes. You are able to use the quick_status.php and quick_do.php (or deprecated quick_play.php) to:
    • connect your user (or set the cookies)
    • use quick_status.php to retrieve new bulletins, your status-games, your new messages and multi-player-games in setup-mode
    • use sgf.php to download games to move in
    • use quick_do.php (or the outdated quick_play.php) to do your moves or other actions.
    • disconnect

    For a detailed specification how to use the new quick-suite quick_do.php, the quick_status.php page, the sgf.php download script and the old quick_play.php, please read the respective chapters in the Quick-Suite Specifications.
    Important notes about the different quick-suite scripts:
    • quick_do.php: uses HTTP-POST requests and JSON-based output to control a variety of actions with object-handlers for: games, users, messages, folders, contacts, waiting-room, bulletins. This interface will be extended on demand if more functions are required for mobile devices or other external clients.
    • quick_status.php: A "not-logged-in" feature had been added. You may obtain the list of games of any user by specifying the players ID ( ?uid=... ) or his nick name ( ?user=... ).
      For instance: quick_status.php?user=guest
      Important note:
      Be aware that with this "not-logged-in" features, all times are GMT because DGS can't know YOUR timezone. In fact, this assumes that you are logged in as guest.
    • quick_play.php: You can only use quick_play to answer a move WITH coordinates by a move WITH coordinates. This excludes all particular steps of the game like placing handicap stones, passing, resigning and scoring. Either use the new quick_do.php quick-suite or use the conventional manual website Dragon interface to resolve these steps.

    A full session of "quick" features is, for instance:
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