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Dragon searching
  • What is the syntax of a RATING-filter?
    Syntax for this kind of filter allows searching for rank values (rating, for example '7k') or a rating-range.
    Possible syntaxes in the hover text of a specific filter:
    1. Syntax[RATING]: 2d, 7k
    2. Syntax[RATING]: 8k (+28%), 8k 28%, 4k (-39%), 4k-39%
    3. Syntax[RATING]: 2d, -7k, 18k-, 28k-1d

    The first and second syntax gives a full rank syntax and a percentaged rank:
    • 2d = 2dan = 2 dan = search for rank '2 dan', i.e. ranks between 2d-50% until 2d+50%
    • 7k = 7kyu = 7 kyu = 7 gup = search for rank '7 kyu'
    • 8k (+28%) = search for rank 8k+28%

    The third syntax only allows to search for values that lies in rating ranges. The '-' is a special character to indicate a range, but need not to be escaped for this filter-element.
    • -7k = search for ranks up to 7 kyu
    • 2d- = search for ranks from 2 dan upwards
    • 28k-1d = search for ranks between 28k and 1d
    • 8k (+28%)-4k (-39%) = search for ranks between 8k+28% and 4k-39%.
      No need to escape the '-'-range-character.
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