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Dragon searching
  • What is the syntax of a DATE-filter?
    Syntax for this kind of filter allows searching for absolute date values or a date-range (for example 20070921, 2003, 2001-200404).
    Possible syntaxes in the hover text of a specific filter:
    1. Syntax[DATE]: date=Y(M(D(h(m(s
    2. Syntax[DATE]: date, -date, date-, date1-date2; date=Y(M(D(h(m(s

    A date can be written in a prefixed form omitting the smaller date-parts:
    • YYYY = represents whole year, for example 2007 finds all dates in the year 2007
    • YYYYMM = year and month, for example 200704
    • YYYYMMDD = year + month + day, for example 20070421
    • YYYYMMDD hh = day in year + hours, for example 20070421 17
    • YYYYMMDD hhmm = day in year + hours + minutes, for example 20070421 1751

    The first syntax only allows exact searches, while the second syntax also allows to search for values that lies in ranges of absolute date values. The '-' is used as a special character to indicate a range:
    • -200704 = search for dates up to April 2007
    • 2003- = search for dates since year 2003 forward
    • 200503-20060718 = search for dates between March 2005 and July, 18th of 2006
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