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Dragon searching
  • How can I do a full-text search?
    Before doing a search you should have read what a full-text search is, because there are some restrictions on what can be searched.
    Having the expert-mode (also known as boolean-mode) deactivated, you just enter words you want to search separated by spaces. For example: "teaching game".
    When you use the expert-mode (boolean-mode) the query syntax can be more complex changing the weight of a word within the query:
        word   - an optional word to search for
    +word - the word must be present
    -word - the word shouldn't be present
    >word - the word should have higher relevance
    <word - the word should have less relevance
    ~word - the words relevance is negated
    (...) - can group words and weight-operators
    sub* - search also for words that begin with 'sub', not only full words
    "..." - search for literal string

    Examples for queries (non expert-mode):
       "Where is that damn book about chinese fuseki i saw yesterday"
    the same and better search-query would be: "book chinese fuseki"
    Examples for export-mode queries:
       +tesuji book
    +wooden board shop
    +teaching game
    "teaching game"
    +book +(>tesuji <joseki)
    This search terms find posts that contain the words "book" and "tesuji",
    or "book" and "joseki:" (in any order), but rank "book tesuji"
    higher than "book joseki"
    Best practice using a full-text search:
    This syntax may not get what you want to find. You shouldn't expect to get exactly what you want with the first query. Try to start with fewer but important words, prefixed with '+'. Then continue with reducing the search-result by reducing the weight of some words with '-' prefix.
    For example, you want to search for "Go Seigen, analyzed games":
       seigen analy* game
    -> the "analy*" is used to find "analysis", "analyzed", "analyze"
    The result is not satisfying, so let's reduce it by outruling words
    you don't want to see:
    seig* analy* game -admin
    seig* analy* game -admin -rating
    seig* analy* game -admin -rating -retiring
    With every new (more detailed) query you isolate more the posts you want to find.
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