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Dragon development
  • What is the Devel Dragon Go Server?
    The Devel Dragon Go Server is where new DGS developments are first publicly displayed and tested.
    The devel server is an experimental test bed for:
    - DGS developers
    - client developers using alternative interfaces such as robots and apps
    - pre-release testing.
    Using a separate server facilitates continual DGS improvements, via the development, testing and enhancement of new features, whilst significantly reducing possible disruption to the main DGS site.
    For most DGS members the devel server will not be of great interest, but please feel free to have a look around the site and try some features, with the caveats that they will be in various stages of development, may have bugs, and may result in crashes. With this in mind, general feedback is not sought on devel server features.
    From time to time feedback will be requested for specific features shortly before release, and participation in this is highly valuable to helping ensure the ongoing success of DGS.
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