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Dragon games
  • How can I add a game review (SGF) for a game?
    On the game page follow the bottom-link 'Attach SGF'. This opens a new page where you can add, update and delete a SGF with a game review. You can add public game reviews for running and finished games. A table listing on that page shows all available uploaded SGFs from yourself and other users. These SGFs can be downloaded by clicking on the according (img)-icon shown in the table.
    When you upload a SGF, various checks are performed to ensure the SGF matches the Dragon game:
    • The SGF must be syntactically valid.
    • The SGF must not be larger than 100 KB.
    • The board size, handicap, komi, handicap-setup, shape-setup and some of the moves are checked, from which all must be identical to the Dragon game.
    • Per game and user one SGF is allowed, so more than one user can upload game reviews. If you already uploaded a SGF it will be overwritten.

    So the best way to create a review is:
    1. Download the SGF. Please be careful what download you use, otherwise you may unintentionally publish private game comments. Therefore it's important you read about the different ways to download a SGF!
    2. Edit and save the downloaded SGF locally with your favorite SGF-editor
    3. Upload the edited SGF with the game review.
    4. The server checks the SGF. Validation errors are reported. If there are no problems, the uploaded SGF is stored under your name and is publicly available for download.

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