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Dragon games
  • What are the items on the Status page?
    A users own Status page can only be viewed by the user himself or herself.
    The top of the status page shows the user-id, name and rating of the current user. If the user is currently on vacation, additional vacation information in a format similar to the user-info page.
    Right below the first three unread bulletins are shown (if there are some).
    The next section shows new and unanswered messages of the user as configured in the Edit folders page.
    The next section contains a list of all the games, where it's your turn to move. Here's a brief explanation of the table columns:
    • ID: The game id.
    • sgf: A link to download the game (without all comments).
    • Notes: The starting part of your private notes optionally stored for a game.
    • Opponent: Your opponents full real name.
    • Userid: Your opponents userid.
    • Rating: Your opponents current rating.
    • Color: Your color in the game.
    • GameType: The game-type.
    • Size: The size of the goban for the game.
    • Handicap: The number of handicap stones for the game.
    • Komi: The komi for the game.
    • Moves: The number of moves made so far for the game.
    • Rated: Indicating, if the game is rated or unrated.
    • (img) (User online): The presence of this icon shows, that the user was online within the last 10 minutes. Hovering over it shows a tooltip with the precise last access in minutes.
    • Last move: Date of the last move of your opponent.
    • Prio: show optional game priority a user can set for own running games.
    • Time remaining: Indicates how much time you have left to play in the game. The format is similar to that in the waiting room (see "Time limit" in waiting room item descriptions). The difference is, that only the main-time is shown on the status page. When the main-time is up, then the extra time is displayed according to the waiting room item description.

    Worth noting for the status page is, that sorting of the game list is not possible at the moment, because the order must be bound to the "Skip to next game" on the respective game pages, which isn't that easy to do and almost always not very efficient using some different sorting.
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