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Dragon games
  • How can I order the status games by a customized priority?
    Your running games can be ordered by a numeric priority, that can be set by the user on the respective game-info page for each of your own games. Below the Game settings section you find an input field to enter a numeric priority in the range of [-32768..32767] and the "Set priority" button to save it. Please note, that the priority value of "0" is shown as an empty field.
    When a game is finished, the game priority will be automatically deleted.
    The game priority can be used on the pages:
    • status page: The status games can be ordered by the game priority. In this case, the priority column is automatically shown. Otherwise the priority table column is normally hidden.
    • my running games page: The priority table column is normally hidden. Here a normal sort with a click on the table header is possible as no special handling is required like for the status page.
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