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Dragon games
  • How can I change the order of the status games?
    Below the table listing with the status games on the status page you choose an order from the right select-box and click "Set Order" button to change the order.
    The order for table listings can normally be changed with a click on the table-column header description. For the status-games this standard way was not possible, because the order of the status games is "bound" to the "Submit and go to next game" on the game-page.
    Changing the status game order also changes the order for the other status game lists via RSS channel, via WAP channel, via Quick-Status and via the Quick-Do-Suite.
    Available status games orders are:
    • Last moved: This is the default order and sorts the games with the "oldest" move date first.
    • Moves: Sorts the status games by number of game moves. The game with the most moves is at the top of the list. This can be used to prefer the games that are to end soon.
    • Priority: Sorts the status games by a user customized priority, that can be set per game on the game-info page. The priority can also be shown for the my running games page.
    • Time remaining: Sorts the status games by your remaining time. The remaining time of your opponent can be viewed on the page with my running games.
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