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Dragon games
  • Can I reject a win of a game?
    When you are winning a rated game by a timeout of your opponent, the game will be changed to unrated ("timeout rejected") if the losing opponent did not move in any of his games for a certain amount of time (X days).
    The number of days the loser has not moved in any game can be configured in the user profile with the "Reject win by timeout" setting. To put the option into effect, it must also be activated with the checkbox for that option.
    The current state of that feature configuration is shown on the user-info page in the field "Reject win by timeout". It's a private data field, which is not shown to other users (to avoid that users are "pressed" into some behavior). Shown values are either "disabled" or "X days".
    The motivation for this feature option was to give the winner the chance to say:
    "I don't want points I have not earned (simply because my opponent timed out)."
    • Choose X=0 (days), if you ALWAYS want to reject wins on timeouts.
    • Choose X=7 (days), means that the game is counted as timeout when the opponent last moved within the last 7 days. The win will be "rejected" when the opponents last-move is older than 7 days.
    • The higher X is, the more likely it is, that the opponent is not returning or left the server.
      So choosing a X > 0 assumes the opponent does not want or waits finishing the game within the last X days. In which case you wouldn't want to treat it as timeout-rejection and take the (rated) win.
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